Australia's hottest Father's Day Gifts to keep dad looking his best. Grooming gifts for Dad to add a touch of pampering to his busy life. With FREE Shipping for orders over $99AU; we've got Australia's best gift ideas for Father's Day.

Grooming Gifts & Father’s Day Presents

It's never been easier to find Australia's best Father's Day Gifts and keep dad looking his best at the same time, with the gorgeous range of Everything But Flowers grooming gifts for dads. Don't get stuck in that same old rut of buying any simple gift for Father’s Day; help dad stay looking his best always, and feeling just that bit pampered with our range of Father's Day Gifts for grooming and pampering your dad.

To find the perfect Father's Day gift for dads; you have to think of what he likes, his hobbies, and his role in your life. If you've got a dad who loves all things practical, then our men's grooming gift range is going to be right up his alley!  As Father’s Day gifts, men's grooming products are extremely practical, fashionable and our range is super stylish too.

Why Choose Grooming Gifts As Father's Day Gifts?

The whole process of “grooming” or looking good is ties to who your dad is to you. After all, our dads are often our model of success. They may be businessmen or home craftsmen, but in any case, they are good at their job and interests in life. 
Fathers are also usually the people who impart lessons like how to knot a tie, how to wear a suit, shave for the first time, or groom your hair. Your dad also probably taught you that appearance is key to success —how to be suave, confident and charming. Being well-groomed is a place to start. Something that reflects how you see them in your life should be a major consideration when choosing Father’s Day presents. 
Not only do grooming products reflect who your dad is to you, it’s also a way of making them feel special. 

Make Dad Feel Special This Father's Day

Whether it’s for their personal enjoyment or for professional needs, you can help your dad look and feel sharp with the instruments of modern skincare and luxury. You can go for the classic Urban Rituelle Shave Set, which would complement his lifestyle. Dads all over would also appreciate the Muhle Fine Badger Horn accessory, as well as the Urban Rituelle Face Scrub crafted from Germany. This shaving soap is also a must-have for any skincare routine. 
You can also help your dad organise his things and his grooming accessories with the Gentleman’s Plate. 
You can also a step further with your Father’s Day presents with gifts which would help them relax after all of their hard work. The invigorating scent of this Men’s Soy Candle, for example, has masculine tones of citrus, juniper, nutmeg and rosewood oil to help them unwind. 

Gifts And Gadgets to Make Them Look Dashing

It’s not just all about their skincare routine and shaving regimen. You can also buy Father’s Day presents that would help them go to their business meetings looking their best. You can combine your dad's sense of humour with style by giving him funny cufflinks, like the World’s Okayest Dad design and the Daddy Bear design. 
If he travels a lot for business, sport or recreation, you can give him something more practical for Father’s Day with the Dapper Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag or the leak-proof and waterproof Charcoal Toiletry Bag. If you’ve got a tough dad, the tough Hard-shell toiletry bag would be right for him too. 

Support Their Hobbies and Interests

Grooming accessories can also have a little bit more flair and design. They can reflect your dad’s interests too. For example, you could give them a tie which has prints of his favourite sport or food on them, or cufflinks which they can use as conversation pieces the next time they have a formal event. 
You can give your dad cufflinks which support his sports interests, like the MCG cufflinks, the cricket ball cufflinks, or the tennis ball cufflinks. And if he enjoys maintaining a motorbike or riding vintage cars in his free time, the vintage motorbike cufflinks would be perfect for him.

Quality Father’s Day Presents From Australia's Gift Experts

Don’t give Father’s Day presents which would easily break apart. After all, low quality and ill-suited presents would be a bad way to show your appreciation. 
There are many other gifts you can choose to give your dad, and all of them are high quality presents too. 
Most dads are foodies at heart. They love to eat, play around in the kitchen, and try their hand at hosting a barbeque. Giving them premium snacks and wine would be an excellent gift for Father’s Day as well. You can start out with the Everything But The Cheese Hamper, which has a delightful selection of delicious cheese, chutneys, quality wine, and other savoury goodies. It’s the perfect companion for all those early evening relaxation times. There are other hampers to choose from, including wine and champagne hampers, barbeque hampers and more. 
Your dad might also be a fan of the retro style. If he’s an old-fashioned man, he’ll definitely love the Pantone Espresso Maker. It’s a vibrant addition to the kitchen, especially for those early mornings. You also won’t go wrong with the Acacia Wood Meat Block. It’s a beef carving block that can drastically preserve the freshness and delicacies of your meat. He’ll definitely like this when he’s craving for a stake! Lastly, the handmade and handy Dapper Gentleman’s Jar is an interesting and quirky addition to the kitchen. 
If you are looking for high quality gifts that can keep him entertained, look no further. The Philippi Chess Set is a designer piece from Germany that shows sophistication and intelligence, perfect for academic dads who love chess. The book Varietal Wines by James Halliday is a book on Australian wines in the international context that will also keep him preoccupied, especially if he loves to taste and judge wines. It’s an interesting addition to your dad’s library. 

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