Laguiole French-Made Bar Essentials Set

Perfect for Dinners Parties, Barbecues, and More

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Sharing a bottle of wine with family or a beer with friends is a nice way to unwind and relax. And this Laguiole Cork Screw and Bottle Opener Set is made for getting the party started. Both kitchen tools are carefully crafted using durable stainless steel and charming olive wood. They’re sturdy, elegant, and down to party!

This stunning set was handcrafted in France. Hand wash only. Food-safe mineral oil is recommended for oiling the olive handles. Set Dimensions: 26 x 10 x 2cm.

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gifts? You’ve come to the right place. We love this Laguiole Cork Screw & Bottle Opener Set and know your lucky gift recipient will too!

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Buying The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For The Classy Dad

If your dad is something of a social butterfly, buying father’s day gifts for him can be hard. What to you buy a father who is classy, up with the latest trends, and has everything? This can be a hard decision to make, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different gifts out there for the classy dad, and a little bit of close thought is all you need to choose the right one.

Go for something which he will be able to enjoy using, show off, or which will actually be useful in his pursuits. While there are many different options for different dads, we have put together a few of our favourites. In our opinion, some of the best father’s day gifts for a classy dad include:

New bar accessories

If your dad likes entertaining and enjoys pouring a drink for his guests, don’t go past some new bar accessories for father’s day. Obviously the things you choose will relate to what he already has and what drinks he likes to serve. Things like beer glasses and other drink glasses are usually popular, especially if you can find something which he doesn’t already have.

Things like bottle openers and cork screw kits are also popular. One of our favourite cork screw kits is the Lagiuole cork screw and bottle opener set. With beautifully crafted wooden handles and a high quality finish, these bar tools will be well received by any dad who enjoys working behind his own bar.

Entertaining utensils

Other entertainment utensils are also generally popular father’s day gifts. They allow your father to flaunt his class in other ways when he has guests, but they are also functional. Go for something which you think that your dad would both like and enjoy. Things like BBQ tools and cheese boards are very popular, and would be received very well by most classy fathers. Go on, treat your dad this father’s day!


If your dad enjoys a good strong drink from time to time, then don’t go past alcohol this father’s day. Many men like to be able to mix a quiet drink at home from time to time, and buying him his favourite drink will let your dad do this. If you have a classy dad, don’t just go for any alcohol - go for something classy. High quality red wine and champagne are always popular, as are things like old whiskeys and well made rums.

Fashion Accessories

If you have a classy father who isn’t really into entertaining people at home, consider buying him some sort of fashion accessories this father’s day. Doing so will allow him to flaunt his class on when he is at a social event of dinner. Things like ties, cufflinks, and new shirts are generally good buys.

If you have a classy father, then make sure you buy him a classy gift! Some of the best father’s day gifts are things which he can use in his everyday life. Have fun and good luck shopping!