Cartography Hip Flask

Stylish Stainless Steel Flask with 6oz-Capacity

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Here’s to taking the path less traveled and to adventures yet unknown! The Cartography Hip Flask features a fascinating map of earth, which includes labels for the trees and crops in each region. This durable flask is made to last with rustproof stainless steel.

Measuring 2.2 x 10 x 13.3cm, the Cartography Flask has a capacity of 6oz or 175ml.

Surprise a close friend or family member with the Cartography Hip Flask as a fun Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day gift. We also recommend picking out a greeting card during checkout and personalising it with a heartfelt message!

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A Modern Keepsake Gift for Father’s Day

As the classic gentleman's accessory, every man needs a quality hip flask. If you’re looking for a special gift for a new Dad on Father’s Day, or to mark a milestone for your Dad, a hip flask makes an impressive gift. While hip flasks are typically used for spirits, they can also be a great gift for the Dad who enjoys hiking…. Oh, who are we kidding? Hip flasks are no good for hiking. Unless your Dad likes to take a shot of whiskey along for the walk… in which case, he’s going to love this gift.

How to Choose a Men’s Hip Flask for your Dad on Father’s Day

While hip flasks are becoming increasingly popular gifts for men, the art of buying a quality hip flask seems to have been lost. A hip flask should be more than just a convenient little vessel to hide his alcohol in! With a host of different styles to choose from, a contemporary hip flasks should reflect the personality of its owner. Traditional hip flasks were often made of pewter or silver. These days, a quality stainless steel ensures the hip flask won’t dent, won’t alter the flavour of the alcohol, and will be easy to keep clean. Best of all, stainless steel hip flasks for men come in some great patterns and styles to suit every gentleman. Hip Flasks for men should be made with a gentle curve to fit comfortably in a jacket or trouser pocket. Top quality hip flasks will also feature a captive top that is connected to the flask so it won’t get lost when in use (there’s nothing sadder than spilling your whiskey after losing your top). Size is important. Small 3oz hip flasks will fit in even the smallest pocket, but two sips and it’s empty. A 6oz flask is often a more convenient size for most men.

A Unique and Meaningful Gift for Father’s Day

Made from quality stainless steel, with a comfortable contour, and a captive lid, your Dad is going to love the Cartography Hip Flask for Father’s Day. This 6oz hip flask features a vintage style map, and comes in a cute gift box. This modern and stylish men’s hip flask includes the words ‘The Adventure Begins’, so it makes a great gift for any Dad embarking on a new adventure. If your Dad is heading into retirement, about to travel overseas, soon to have a teenager, or celebrating his first Father’s Day as a new Dad, then this is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. Everything But Flowers can make your Dad’s day even more special with gift wrapping and a personalised gift card.