The Aussie BBQ Bible

Written by BBQ-Enthusiast and Writer Oscar Smith

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Spring will be here soon, which means it’s almost barbeque season. And since it’s almost barbeque season, we simply must recommend The Aussie BBQ Bible. This 208-page guide is so full of delicious BBQ recipes, it might as well smell like charcoal! There are recipes for just about every type of meat, including lamb and seafood. The cookbook even offers a variety of delectable vegetarian dishes and desserts.

Paperback Measurements: 28.0 x 22.8 x 2.0cm. By food writer Oscar Smith.

Is dad already preparing his grill? Then he’s going to love The Aussie BBQ Bible. Just personalise a lovely greeting card during checkout and you have the perfect Father’s Day present!

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Buying The Ultimate BBQ Father’s Day Gifts

Buying father’s day gifts can be difficult, especially once you start to get a bit older and once your dad seems to have everything. Many people resort to simple gifts like wine or chocolate, but your father will really appreciate it if you show him that you tried to think outside the box to buy something out of the ordinary.

One great group of father’s day gifts is BBQ gear. Every single Aussie father loves to have a good summer's barbecue, but they need the tools and knowledge to be able to do so. Without the right equipment, even the best father won’t be able to put on a decent BBQ. Get your dad one of the following BBQ gifts for father’s day this year!

The Aussie BBQ Bible

People across the world refer to the Aussie BBQ Bible as part of their daily routine. Okay, maybe that is exaggerating a little, but this wonderful new cookbook by writer and BBQ enthusiast Oscar Smith is taking Australian BBQ lovers by storm. It contains a wide range of great BBQ recipes that are perfect for any occasion.

Any father would appreciate a gift like this. If your dad loves cooking, and loves getting his BBQ out to entertain people, then don’t go past the Aussie BBQ Bible. As one of the best father’s day gifts on the market, this book will be a hit with the whole family!

A new set of BBQ tools

Everyone loves BBQ food, but not everyone has a set of the specialised tools needed to use a BBQ to its full potential. If your dad constantly suffers through trying to use his BBQ with the wrong utensils, burning his fingers and the food at the same time, then consider getting him a set real BBQ tools this father’s day.

How about the ultimate father’s day gift itself, a new BBQ?

Does your dad continually try and cook BBQ meals on an ancient plate of metal connected to some sort of gas bottle? If so, then consider buying him a new BBQ for father’s day this year. Go for something which is high quality, versatile, and easy to use. If you do this, then your dad will never have another excuse for burnt or poorly cooked BBQ food again!

Did you get the right thing?

Buying father’s day gifts can be hard, as we noted above. However, the huge range of top quality BBQ products on the market means that it is easier than ever to get the right father’s day gifts for your dad. You know him as well as anyone - choose something which you feel that he will love!

Choosing a father’s day gift like the Aussie BBQ Bible, new BBQ gear, or even a new BBQ gift itself will make your dad’s day. Don’t go for simple things like chocolate or wine - try and choose a gift your your dad which will show him that you actually thought about it!