Cider & Ale Trail, Yarra Valley


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The Yarra Valley will unfold with delights like never before on our Taste the Yarra Valley Cider & Ale Trail Tour. A taste extravaganza awaits your lucky gift recipient who will be swept away into a world of Victoria’s finest ales, lagers, ciders and wines; their truly is an alcoholic delight to suit everyone on this special tour.

With each tour encompassing 4-5 of our carefully chosen breweries, cideries and distilleries within the Yarra Valley; this is an immersion in craft brewery culture and delicious gourmet food that will fulfil the tastebuds, stomach and offer a memorable day of taste delights.

If blueberry wine or kombucha sound appealing, then that’s just one of the expertly created beverages waiting to be explored and tasted on this tour.

For lunch; guests will be served some of the Yarra’s most delicious gourmet food along with a tasting paddle and complimentary beer or cider; along with plenty of time to relax and soak up the atmosphere; after all, we know how to do immersive tours that allow our guests to chill and enjoy; unlike some tours that are all about moving as quickly as possible from venue to venue. Great food and drink is all about the experience; and we offer one of the Yarra’s most delightful gourmet tours guaranteed.

This tour offers the splendour of beer lovers and those who prefer beer alternatives and with our alcohol guru’s to lead the way; it’s a guaranteed experience in fun and an entertaining history lesson on alcohol too. With small group sizes and an air conditioned mini bus, this is a tour that is all about comfort.

Departing from Federation Square, this tour is an all-day experience for those who appreciate finely crafted alcohol and stunning gourmet food.

Some of the possible tour stops include Yarra Valley experts like:

Napoleone Brewery & Cider House: Offering VIP access to their beer garden and brewery with more than 10 different ciders and beers to sample. St Ronan's Cider at Badget Creek Blueberry Winery: Ciders, Champagne and Blueberry wines will all delight the senses; with tastings and a complimentary drink of your choice. Buckley's Beer: Being the Yarra Valley’s oldest has ensured this venue knows a thing or two about producing a beautiful drop of lagers, ales and the latest trend of Kombucha, there’s something for everyone. Hargreaves Hill Brewery: It’s all about the food and the tasting paddles at Hargreaves; such an awesome venue that it’s hard to leave. Coldstream Brewery: Ever heard of a cider cocktail? Try one here. Public Brewery: Beers wine and ciders from around Victoria are all available for purchase here. Four Pillars Gin Distillery: An award winning distillery for a truly fine gin experience. Riders Brewing Co & Kelly brothers cider at Kellybrook winery: A family owned and operated business featuring apple brandy.

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