Red Bull Air Race Experience, SYD

Australia's Most Extreme Aircraft Joyride

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Life doesn’t get much more adventurous than an hour high in the skies experiencing thrilling plane aerobatics inspired by the Red Bull Air Race. This experience is all about the rolls, twists, turns and manoeuvres; and the feeling of G-force in the thrilling Extra200 Plane under the care of one of Sydney’s best pilots. We’re not kidding when we say this experience is all about adventure; with this plane capable of reaching speeds of up to 410 km/h, it also boasts a roll rate of 360 degrees per second, along with a climb rate of 2000 feet per minute. Know someone who loves to push the limits? Sounds like you’ve just found them the perfect gift.

With take-off from Bankstown, Sydney; passengers are fitted with a full flight suit including flight helmet with headphones and microphone allowing easy communication with the pilot throughout the flight. Friends and family can take photos of the lucky gift recipient; and once everyone is strapped in and all is cleared with air traffic control; it’s time to head into the skies.

Heading toward the foothills of the Great Dividing Range; the plane climbs to 3500ft to 4000ft into The Designated Training Area; a specially reserved air space for acrobatics and air training. This is where the most fun happens.

Starting with basic manoeuvres; the pilot will introduce the passenger to a range of acrobatics; including barrel rolls, loops and hammer head turns. When flight conditions are perfect, there’s even the chance for some inverted; or upside down flying too.

But the fun gets even more intense; once everyone’s warmed up and enjoying themselves; it’s time for the pilot to let loos with a range of sequenced manoeuvres; during these more advanced manoeuvres the plane can reach G-Force of between +8G and -4G; adding the sensation of pushing and pulling against the harness intensifying the fun and the experience.

The large bubble canopy of the aircraft; makes this a joy flight experience like no other. This steel airframe, carbon fibre composite aircraft Is built to withstand extremes and is one of the most capable stunt planes in existence today.

So now you know what we mean about finding the perfect gift ideas for adventurous people! A Sydney Red Bull Racing joy flight is such a unique gift that it’s sure to have your lucky gift recipient smiling.

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Important Terms:

This experience includes an Aerobatic Red Bull Racing flight lasting approximately 30 minutes. Passenger heights must not exceed 190cm (6’4″) to fly in the Extra plane and a weight of 105kg must not be exceeded. It’s important that participants are of good health for a safe flying experience. There are provisions for disabled access on most occasions; please advise in order to ensure a comfortable experience. For passengers under 18; full parental consent is required. Loose items can cause a risk of jammed flight controls, so no loose items may be taken on the flight. A small camera with wrist strap may be carried. Flights are dependent on weather conditions, pilot availability and aircraft serviceability and may be rescheduled due to any issues.

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