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The perfect gift for beer lovers, the Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey For Two is an awesome adventure that takes a lucky pair of beer fanatics through the city’s most historic brewery and trendy new microbreweries.

The Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey is the ultimate beer gift for those who just can’t get enough of their cold brew, as well as that special someone who has exquisite tastes. What can be better than an entire day of beer adventures, amazing people, scrumptious food and beer tasting paddles filled with the freshest cold brews? It’s the type of gift that just keeps on giving and is an ideal choice for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or any other occasion that deserves an extra special treat.

If you want to give someone a truly memorable gift that comes only once in a lifetime, you simply can’t go wrong with this urban beer tour. It’s the kind of Friday that beer drinkers can only dream of, and you’ll definitely need a whole weekend to work off the calories from this pub crawl that will be remembered for ages.

The full-day tour is one of our most popular experience days, and for good reason. Everybody loves good food and most especially delicious brews to wash it down with. Just imagine the joy this special gift will bring to that special someone as soon as he or she finds out how generous you are.

The James Squire Brewhouse at The Portland Hotel in the heart of the Melbourne CBD is definitely a highlight of the tour. It offers a new twist on the Australian beer tradition. Inspired by the legend of Australia’s original beer maven, James Squire, this pioneering craft brewery creates interesting flavours with equally great names such as the One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale and the Constable Copper Ale. And just in time for lunch, the pub offers up excellent beer-appropriate food such as burgers, chicken parmas, battered fish, calamari and other seasonal delights, along with overflowing beer paddles.

After a taste of the old, a visit to the Temple Brewing Company is in order with its state of the art beer-making facilities in Brunswick. Using time-proven techniques and premium ingredients, the brewing company has managed to produce several crowd-pleasers like the aromatic Temple Bicycle Beer and Temple Anytime IPA. As usual, tour participants are treated to generous tasting paddles filled with Temple’s most popular craft beers, as well as the latest seasonal blends.

Moon Dog Brewing is another stop, and the boys running it are renowned for pushing the boundaries by using ingredients like chocolate, cherry plums, watermelons, mangoes and passion fruit with unique blends of hops, malts and yeasts. Their selection of brewing hardware consists of repurposed farming and dairy equipment, as well as aged oak barrels originally used to ferment wines and liquors like rum, whiskey and cognac. Its craft beer creations have deliciously unique names like Love Tap, Perverse Sexual Amalgam, Jukebox Hero IPA, Mr Mistoffelees and Black Lung. The bar can only be described as modern rustic, and there’s even a van outside selling Moon Dog’s handmade pizza round the clock.

An optional stop in case one of the above breweries are unable to accommodate tours due to operational concerns is Two Birds Brewing; the first female-owned brewery in Australia. Have a chat with the brains behind Two Birds and have a gander at The Nest, their new tasting room and brewery. Here you can enjoy their magnificent handcrafted beers like the Golden Ale, Sunset Ale, Bantam IPA and Taco Beer.    

Other breweries vistited are Foresters Hall and Kooinda Brewery

As the day winds down, the last stop is Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond or any preferred drop-off location. Mountain Goat can undoubtedly be called a true success story with its humble beginnings as a simple backyard experiment, which is now a bustling brewery and pub typically filled to the brim with after-work beer enthusiasts and diners stuffing themselves with great tasting pizza and its award-winning craft beers like the Hightail Ale, Summer Ale, Delmont IPA, Yuzu Saison and its latest North Street Pale Ale.

The Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey is the definitive guide to the best brew makers situated in the heart of Australia’s cultural capital. If you’re the type of person who takes pride in giving only the best that life can offer, this one is hard to top. With this one-of-a-kind beer extravaganza, you’re sure to satisfy even the most demanding beer lover’s refined palate and gastronomic desires.

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