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Perth Hard Cheese Making For All

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For many cheese lovers, the effort surrounding the process of making their favourite dairy delights can often sway them from giving it a go, but our Farmhouse Cheese Making Course aims to demystify the knack to making beautiful artisan cheeses. Ideal for those of any skill level – just a serious passion for cheese and a dedication to a beautiful product. Once they have broken down those supposedly insurmountable walls to gorgeous cheese, the opportunities are endless and practice makes perfect. Imagine a never-ending supply of aging delicacies in their house at all times – showcasing different flavours and textures of beautiful semi- and firm cheeses.

Located only half an hour from the Perth CBD, this full day course beginning at 9:30am, includes both morning tea and afternoon tea, complete with gourmet barista made coffee or tea, as well as a full lunch to be enjoyed with classmates and a glass of wine from the onsite winery. They will also be given their very own “Farmhouse Home Cheese Making Guide”, and a “The Cheese Maker” apron to take home with them to inspire ongoing creations from the comfort of their own kitchen, along with their very own, personalised block of rustic farmhouse semi-firm cheese that they created in the lesson!

Starting from fresh cow’s milk, their enthusiastic and cheese-mad teacher will guide each student through to semi-firm cheese, where students can then take home to keep and age until they are ready to feast. 6 weeks will be enough to devour their creation, but it can be longer if they have a love of more mature, bite-y goodness! Students will be given instructions on how to nurture their cheese until it’s ready, as well as how to incorporate different flavours into the cheese itself – divulging which flavours will, and which will not work.

A lovely plain and refined cheese ready to be teamed up with their favourite accompaniments is quite enough for some. But for others, there is a huge array of flavours and flavour combinations to choose as additions to their personalised cheese. Anything from fragrant cumin or fennel; or smoked paprika to have with chorizo; or even chilli and/or garlic to spice up their dairy delights will be available.

Professional advice on choosing the right equipment and how to care for it will be explained on the day, so students can be assured they choose the right bits and pieces to make all the different varieties of cheese they want to at home. Once you make your experience voucher purchase, all instructions including how to redeem with the experience provider will be emailed to your inbox, and they will have 12 months to use it thereafter.