Aircraft Aerobatics: Passenger Control, SYD

A Truly Hands on Stunt Flight Experience.

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Don’t give the gift of any old stunt flight; give the gift of a flight where your lucky gift recipient gets to take control of the plane and put it through a stun sequence!

Sounds unbelievable right? Well, we’ve found Sydney’s best stunt flight experience. The lucky passenger will be fitted out with a flight suit and flight helmet which allows them to communicate with the pilot while in the air. There’s plenty of time for family and friends to take photos before heading off to the designated training area where the real fun begins.

The professional stunt pilot will manoeuvre the plane, explaining the process each step of the way as the Robin2160 performs loops, barrel rolls and more to get the lucky passenger comfortable with the feeling and capabilities of the plane. Explanations are provided for different altitudes and mechanical handling of the plane to get the passenger ready for the exciting next step.

Starting with straight flight; it’s time for the pilot to hand over the controls for this experience of a lifetime. Once comfortable; next on the list is loops and barrels before building up to a sequence of stunts without the instructor even touching the controls.

If the conditions are right and the passenger is confident; there may even be a chance for them to land the plane for a truly hands on experience. This is the perfect gift idea for the person who has everything or for the person who thrives on fun and adventure. This is the perfect Sydney gift experience.

Flight Terms:

This experience consists of a professional stunt flight in Sydney, allowing the passenger to take the controls. Passenger height must not exceed 198cm (6’6″) and weight must not exceed 110kg to fly in the Robin 2160. Participants must be in good physical health. Disabilities can be accommodated with advance notice, which ensures the provider can attempt to provide facilities to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience. Full parental consent is necessary for passengers under 18. Loose items in the plane are a risk factor for jamming flight controls, as such, no loose items may be carried onto the plane, other than a small camera with wrist strap. Flights may be rescheduled if weather conditions, pilot availability and aircraft serviceability are unsuitable on the scheduled day.

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