12-Month Gardening Mentorship via Skype

Includes Personalised Action Plan and Advice

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To say the earth is an amazing, diverse, and living thing, is to put it lightly. It works perfectly to sustain life, from the smallest microbes to the largest Blue Whale. That’s why it’s so important to live sustainably and to take care of the earth’s precious resources. Organic farming is a wonderful way to put sustainable living into practice. And this 12-Month Organic Gardening Mentorship is the best way to learn about organic farming throughout the year. The mentorship package includes five sessions: one initial session and a session per season.

This 12-Month Organic Gardening Mentorship is conducted through Skype by expert gardener Peter Kearney. The package is available to residents of Australia. During the first session, Kearney works with the gift recipient to learn and understand their needs and their gardening space. Within three days after this initial session, the mentee receives a personalised action plan. In the following four sessions, Kearney offers guidance and practical advice about biodynamic and organic gardening. And by the end of the year, the lucky gift recipient will have a healthy organic garden and the skills needed to maintain it!

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