Wheel Of Mis-Fortune

Drinking Game with Glasses and Spinner

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Challenge your friends to a drinking game of chance! Wheel of Mis-Fortune will keep everyone on their toes, because the spinner will decide what unfortunate task awaits you or your friends. Will you be taking a drink or cranking out some push-ups? Who will have to dance and who will have to do ten squats? Who knows?!

This set includes one spinner board and four shot glasses. Drinking is fun, but we ask that you and your friends keep it responsible.

Spin the Wheel of Mis-Fortune to get the party going! We recommend giving this exciting game as a birthday, Christmas, or housewarming gift. Before you checkout, choose a bow and our gift-wrapping experts will wrap all your gifts for you.

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Adult Novelty Gifts Are Great Party Presents

There are different types of parties. Some are dinner parties that are civil and formal, with good food and conversation, and everybody stays quite sober and sensible. Then there are the other parties! These are where people let their hair down and give themselves a holiday from the pressures of life.

Everyone knows it's very healthy to cut loose and have fun, because so much of life revolves around responsibility – and we can all have too much of that! One antidote for serious adult responsibility is giving adult novelty gifts so your friends can play at their parties. We love parties because we want to have a good time, and to play like we did as kids, though this time with adult novelty gifts as our toys!

Parties can be slow to get going, and it usually takes a few drinks for the fun to start, but when it does, it can be great! A really fun way to party is to play drinking games. We have adult novelty gifts that are brilliant drinking games which will add heaps of fun to a party.

The Wheel of Mis-Fortune is every bit a fun drinking game. It has a spinner that, when it's turned, stops at a task, such as doing push-ups, dancing, performing squats, and of course knocking back a drink. It's a lively game that gets harder and funnier as the drinks go down. Like all the best drinking games, it's memorable – that's if you can remember in the morning!

Drinking Accessories As Adult Novelty Gifts

Check out our Novelty Section for all these drinking games and adult novelty gifts that enhance the party atmosphere. We've a great bottle opener modelled like a dinosaur, along with all kinds of other adult novelty gifts that are bottle openers, and other drinks accessories. Some of our bottle openers stick to fridges, which are extremely handy at parties, so people aren't tearing the kitchen apart when they need to open a bottle of beer! It's always really handy to know where to find the bottle opener, so consider these adult novelty gifts and do your party-throwing friends a favour!

If it's a party with a barbie, then we've some BBQ adult novelty gifts: fun lighters in various shapes, like spanners and fish; a dispenser for your mustard or ketchup shaped like a sci-fi ray gun, and a branding iron where the chef can create his own messages using separate metal letters – this is a brilliant adult novelty gift for BBQ chefs who like a laugh.

How about adult novelty gifts where friends and their guests can play and learn. We've a kit by Ridley, who make wonderful retro games, which teaches how to model balloons. More adult novelty gifts, that can also be drinking games with a little creativity, include the Ridley's game with cans that get stacked and need to be knocked over with tiny cushions. These may not sound brilliant sober, but wait till you have a few drinks, and these adult novelty gifts will seem like the best fun ever!