Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game

Play the Shame Game with Friends!

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What kind of person takes an empty popcorn bucket out of the trash just so they can get a free refill at the movies? In the awesome drinking game Drunk Stoned or Stupid, friends decide who deserves to be called out for embarrassing or shameful behaviour, each making an argument for the judge. The judge then decides who will be unfortunate enough to receive the shameful card. The first person to receive 7 cards loses, but let’s be honest, nobody really wins this hilarious game.

This game is recommended for players aged 17 years and up. It should be played with a minimum of 4 players, but gets even more fun with many more! Drunk Stoned or Stupid comes with 250 different cards, as well as instructions for classic and alternative rules.

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Drinking Games Are Classic Adult Novelty Gifts

Exciting and to be feared in a good way, drinking games can keep you on the edge of your seat – just before you fall off! They're heaps of fun, though you have to watch you don't go overboard (literally if you're on a boat). With these fast drinking games, if you knock back too much, you can get a shock when the air hits you, so beware! As long as you stay wise, drinking games can be the best of times.

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is one of the edgier drinking games. Not recommended for playing with the in-laws or anyone who's included you in their will! Some drinking games are very character revealing, and this is one of those drinking games, which is why it's best played with friends you're very comfortable with. It involves a judge reading a card of a shameful act, and the other players have to defend themselves, with one being judged guilty, who gets the card. It can be brilliant for friends reminiscing about daft times and crazy nights, including the ones with drinking games!

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