Copper Party Cup

Stainless Steel, Copper-Plated Party Cup

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If you're a regular party-goer, you can recognize those ubiquitous red cups from a mile away. But now it's time to graduate to a better cup: a chrome-plated, stainless steel party cup. Because if you want to take your drinking game to the next level, the plastic cups have got to go! The Copper Party Cup can hold up to 16oz of beer or your favourite cocktail. Partying should never be boring and should always be done in style, and we've found Australia's most stylish party cup!

Surprise the partier in your life with a Copper Party Cup of their own! It's a killer birthday or Christmas gift for college kids and young adults.

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Novelty Is The Spice Of Life!

Adult novelty gifts certainly allow adults to have plenty of fun, and fun is definitely something we all love and need. Life can be way too serious for adults, and it's great to remind ourselves that life is to be enjoyed as much as possible. That's why we have adult novelty gifts and drinking games – they're here to help us! At Everything But Flowers, we've curated a fantastic selection of drinking games – only the best for you and your friends! Our adult novelty gifts are special presents everyone can enjoy.

Sadly, some people think that other adults cutting loose and having a good time is like committing a crime! It's true, isn't it? Well luckily for us having fun is actually legal! The naysayers can sit alone whilst the fun lovers who like to enjoy life party on. Really, everyone likes to have fun – just watch children, they'll play all day. You never know, even the naysayers might start to enjoy themselves when they see your adult novelty gifts! So let's give you some suggestions for adult novelty gifts to add laughter to the lives of your friends.

The Stainless Steel Copper-Plated Party Cup is designed to make someone feel special! It's such a handsome party cup that will stand out amongst all the other drinking vessels! With adult novelty gifts like this, the owner can feel like a king or queen at a gathering. It's big enough for beer or cocktails, so if you've a friend who is one-of-a-kind, this is one of those perfect adult novelty gifts for her or him!

Let's Play Drinking Games!

One of the cool things about drinking games is they can feel naughty! It's like being a big kid, but this time with alcohol. The tension of a spinning bottle, or arrow, or a game that has a task to fulfil, can be really quite tense. In fact, you need a drink to play them! For your friends who love parties, these adult novelty gifts will emerge from a cupboard at some stage during the evening.

We have some beautiful glasses at Everything But Flowers, so check them out for your parties. Although we wouldn't recommend these lovely glasses for drinking games! We do recognize that as much fun as they are, drinking games can get out of hand, so remember to be vigilant! Especially when you're drinking shots. If you play for a short while and don't drink too much, drinking games can be tons of fun.

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We've heaps to choose from for all tastes. One is beautifully packaged in a retro-style and teaches people how to make animals from balloons. Some adult novelty gifts, like this one, are great to share with kids. We've also a card game involving that old dispute settler – rock, paper and scissors. This card game is an inventive twist on the traditional game that adults and children can play. So you see, everyone can join in with our adult novelty gifts!