Laguiole Light Horn Steak Knife Set

Laguiole by Jean Dubost

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Laguiole by Jean Dubost cutlery is like no other. It is breathtakingly beautiful, delightful to use, and exquisitely crafted by hand. Each piece represents the pinnacle of workmanship that sets Jean Dubost's cutlery apart from all others. And each piece has 25 manual production stages, including sharpened polished blades and special attention to the brightness associated with the durable ABS handles.

Dubost is one of the largest Laguiole manufacturers, their products are stocked in famous department stores all over the world, including Galleries Lafayette in Paris, Bloomingdales in New York, and John Lewis in London.

About Laguiole:

Laguiole (pronounced lag-ee-ol) is not a brand but rather a style of traditional French knife, created by the farmers that lived and worked in the region of Thiers. Jean Dubost Laguiole is a fourth generation family owned and managed business located in the small village of Viscomtat. There are a number of factories producing 'Laguiole' knives and cutlery, from the very exclusive to the lower end.

Jean Dubost produces middle to high-end ranges regularly found in the boutiques and famous department stores throughout the world. The blades of these steak knives are made of high quality 1.5mm stainless steel. They are stamped, ground, and hand polished with over 25 manual production stages.

The polished sharpened blades ensure a perfect cutting edge. The handles are made from an ABS plastic. This is a high impact lightweight acrylic material thats 30 times more durable than regular plastic. They are dishwasher safe when used with liquid dishwasher detergent. This set contains: 6 x 23cm steak knives. Handle Colour: Light Horn.

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