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Define your taste and style with this twin pack from Devils Corner. In order to promote the dangerous bend along the Tamar River of Tasmania, this packed pair of Pinot Noir wine reminds the navigating sailors of a soothing sanctuary beyond the Devils Corner where still waters and a variety of fine wine await them. What a fantastic way to enrich your wine collection!

Pair this versatile wine with any meal and this kind of wine punctuates your dining with a sparkling fruit-forward character that pleases the palate. Giving this twin pack as a present for men and friends bring joy and luxury to the recipient on celebrations, Fathers Day, and other special occasions.

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Wine & Champagne
2014 Devil's Corner Tasmanian Pinot Noir 750ml

2014 Devil's Corner Tasmanian Pinot Noir 750ml

Juicy, sweet-fruit middle palate; soft, ripe tannins, fresh acidity. A fruit-driven drink-now style with generous flavours.

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir Chardonnay NV Cuvee 750ml

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir Chardonnay NV Cuvee 750ml

This delicious sparkling with hints of fresh apple and citrus represents the best of Tasmania's cool-climate crafted wines.

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