Yellow Stackable Basket

Stackable Storage By Stockholm

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Optimise vertical space with this Yellow Storage Basket by Stockholm, an efficient way to organise your things at home. Designed to eliminate clutter, this open storage keeps your things in order, while also staying visible for quick accessibility.

The Yellow Storage Basket is convenient and saves space, making it ideal to use in kitchens or in pantries. This stylish storage can also be neatly stacked in a corner, on the floor, or on a table top. The durability of its design enables it to accommodate several items easily.

Give this storage basket as a birthday, Christmas, or Mothers Day gift to women. The compulsive organisers and housekeepers will definitely love it!

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What Christmas presents can you give to university students?

University students are entering the world as adults. Theyre discovering themselves and what they want to do with their lives. Theyre also discovering what items they need and dont need. As they fly out of the nest into their own apartments or dorm rooms, what they will need is little bit of help.

What do you buy for the student living in the dorm?

The student living in a dorm is obviously not going to have as much space as a student living in an apartment or at home. So as you shop for Christmas presents, just keep this in mind.

So what does a student need when theyre living in a dormitory? As we mentioned, space is at a premium, so its never a bad idea to give clever storage solutions. Crates or baskets that stack are always a good choice. You can also consider hooks that can be attached to the back of a bathroom door or storage boxes that can slide beneath dorm room beds.

In addition to storage solutions, your student may need a little help studying in a loud dormitory. Headphones or a mini speaker that attaches to their smart phone would be a good way to help them stay focused, even when the people around them arent.

And though its important for your student to stay focused, to study, and to take university seriously, they also need to let their hair down from time to time. To help them throw movie nights in their dorm room, consider giving them a smartphone projector. If they prefer the outdoors, throw a frisbee in with your other Christmas presents. Both of these items are fun, but also compact, making them easy to store in a small dorm room.

What do you give to the student living in an apartment?

For the university student living in an apartment, you have a bit more freedom to give larger Christmas presents. To help keep their apartment organised (or as organised as it will be), storage solutions are still good gift ideas.

And the student will still need to focus on their studies. If they have rowdy roommates, headphones or a mini speaker are still great Christmas presents. But in addition to these items, consider helping your student create a personal study space. This includes lamps, posters, globes, and whatever they need to make it their own.

Your son or daughter will most likely have people over when kicking back and relaxing, so why not make sure they have the right kitchenware? Maybe a popcorn maker for movie night? Or a nice set of beer glasses and serving trays?

A final tip:

As your son or daughter moves from home and begins to make his or her way in the world, try to show them that you care about them, that youre always there for them, and that they can always come home for Christmas.