Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Spoons

Durable Brass Measuring Spoons with Copper Plate

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Copper is a stunning, exotic metal not often associated with kitchenware nowadays. But these Stephanie Alexander Copper-Plated Measuring Spoons prove that copper is more than perfect for use in the kitchen! These beautiful, sturdy measuring spoons have lovely brass handles and are copper-plated.

The Stephanie Alexander Copper-Plated Measuring Spoon Set includes four spoons: 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, _ teaspoon, and _ teaspoon. This set is hand wash only.

These copper-plated measuring spoons are the ideal Mother's Day or Christmas gift for women who love to cook and be stylish at the same time. Add this measuring spoon set to your cart and browse Everything But Flowers to find complementary kitchenware and tableware gifts!

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The Best Gifts from Stephanie Alexander!

Restaurateur, cook, author, designer. These are just some of the job descriptions that come to mind when the name Stephanie Alexander is mentioned. Therefore, it is no surprise that many items designed or created by Stephanie Alexander are available at Everything but Flowers as gifts.

Today, we take a closer look at some of the best gifts created by Stephanie Alexander. If you have a recipient that is crazy about her designs, cookware, or even gardening tools, be sure to check out our recommendations from the Everything but Flowers catalogue.

What Is the First Recommended Gift from Stephanie Alexander?

Our first recommendation is an essential for any recipient who spends a lot of time in the kitchen! The Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Spoons ensure you always have the right measurements for those pesky recipes mentioning ¼ of a teaspoon or tablespoon. These Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Spoons come in a set of four and are connected by a useful chain, so your recipient can always find them when he or she needs them most.

The Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Spoons are extremely suitable for recipients who love cooking and baking. Of course, they can prove useful as a housewarming present or an anniversary gift as well. So, there are various special occasions where you could consider this set of spoons.

What Is the Second Recommended Gift from Stephanie Alexander?

Do you like the copper measuring spoons from Stephanie Alexander, but want to supplement them with another gift for the kitchen? If so, you should certainly consider the Stephanie Alexander Copper Measuring Cups, which could be a brilliant addition for all your recipient’s measuring needs.

Much like our previous suggestion from Stephanie Alexander, the copper measuring cups are held together by a useful chain and can be used for cooking as well as baking. If your recipient is a chef, or someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen, he or she will undoubtedly appreciate the quality and durability of these cups.

What Is the Third Recommended Gift from Stephanie Alexander?

Stephanie Alexander does not only design tools and utensils for the kitchen, she also designs items for the garden. One of these items is the Stephanie Alexander Compost Bin, allowing recipients to make their own compost with sophistication and style.

The Stephanie Alexander Compost Bin is certainly more luxurious than most compost bins available in stores. It is made from a combination of iron, brass, and plastic, ensuring the highest durability as well as style. The compost bin also includes a carbon filter and a removable bucket; this ensures the odour is reduced and provides a lot more convenience overall.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Gift from Stephanie Alexander?

Everything but Flowers offers various kitchen tools from Stephanie Alexander, which is no surprise considering their durability and unique design. In addition to the measuring spoons and cups we briefly described earlier, customers can also count on Everything but Flowers for the Stephanie Alexander Essential Kitchen Tools.

The Stephanie Alexander Essential Kitchen Tools provide your recipient with the basics he or she needs in the kitchen; this includes two spatulas, wooden spoon, and a large whisk. All utensils are made from durable and safe materials; this includes stainless steel, wood, and food-grade silicone. Therefore, these utensils will last many years to come.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Gift from Stephanie Alexander?

Is your recipient more into gardening than cooking? No need to worry, since there are more garden gifts from Stephanie Alexander available at Everything but Flowers!

One of the gardening gifts you should certainly consider for the avid gardener is the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set. The Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set includes essentials such as a trowel, pruners, herb markers, pencil, and string. So, whether your recipient is just starting out with gardening or a true expert, these tools will be a valuable addition to their personal gardening collection.

What Is the Final Recommended Gift from Stephanie Alexander?

Until now, we mentioned gifts that could mainly be used in the kitchen or the garden. However, there are some Stephanie Alexander gifts that could be used for any room in the house; this is certainly the case for the Stephanie Alexander Storage Caddy.

The Stephanie Alexander Storage Caddy is perfect for those items you do not have a place for. You could store anything from cutlery and trinkets to jewellery. It is a durable storage solution that is also galvanised, making it the perfect gift for a variety of special occasions.

How Can I Easily Find Stephanie Alexander Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

Need more Stephanie Alexander gifts? Find all available Stephanie Alexander gifts at Everything but Flowers immediately by entering the words ‘Stephanie Alexander’ in the search window. Hit ‘enter’ and you will get an overview of all Stephanie Alexander gifts.

Who Will Appreciate Stephanie Alexander Christmas Present Ideas Most?

Since Stephanie Alexander provides a mixture of homewares, you will find that these Christmas present ideas can be suitable for a variety of recipients. Even though the Stephanie Alexander Christmas present ideas are most popular among female recipients, some of the gardening tools and utensils are loved by male recipients too.

Everything but Flowers also stocks other designer brands, which can provide you with some additional Christmas present ideas. Check out the range for Christmas present ideas from Davis & Waddell or Louenhide to discover more amazing options.

Have not found the perfect Christmas present ideas f or your recipient? If not, do not hesitate to contact the team at Everything but Flowers for assistance. We will be more than happy to provide you with some ideas for good Christmas presents.