'Secret Garden' Adult Colouring Book

Give the Gift of Relaxation & Meditation by Colouring In

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Be swept away in to a garden wonderland of meditation-like relaxation with the Secret Garden Adult Colouring Book.

Pages and pages filled with intricate pen and ink illustrations, that come to life as each new colour is placed onto the page. Within each beautifully drawn picture hides small discoveries waiting to be found, like tiny creatures hidden among lush foliage.

Featuring activities and colouring pages, go ahead and get on the adult colouring book craze this year! There's a reason these books are so popular as gifts - because everybody loves them and keeps coming back for more.

This paperback is written by Johanna Basford, originally published in April 2013.

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Why Adult Colouring Books are Great Christmas Present Ideas

If you know someone who is doing it all to make others happy this Christmas season, considering getting them relaxing Christmas presents that will soothe their mind and soul. We all know the Christmas holidays are supposed to be a time of family, friends, love, and peace, it too-often turns into a time of stress, upset, irritation, and annoyance. Most people just want to get the season over with so they can return to the normal amounts of everyday stress, rather than the over-abundance of holiday stress.

We at Everything but Flowers believe that relaxation starts with creativity, which is why we have an expansive collection of adult colouring books including the Secret Garden Adult Colouring Book. For a few hours, adults can get lost in the intricate patterns of elaborate scenes, adding swirling colours with their own crayons, markers, and coloured pencils.

Giving Adult Colouring Books as Relaxing Christmas Presents

Our collection of adult colouring books is abundant, to say the least. We offer something for everyone, but you would know what kind of Christmas presents your gift recipient would love the most. For instance, if your friends and loved ones could spend hours swooning over celebrities and reading the gossip of tabloids, consider gifting them with adult colouring books like Colour Me Swiftly, Colour Me Good, or Colour Me: Swoon. These colouring books draw inspiration from celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, and a plethora of other actors and actresses.

For those stressed-out families and friends who rarely seem to be able to catch a break or go on vacation, we have adult colouring books like Millie Marottas Tropical Wonderland or Millie Marottas Animal Kingdom. Both of these would make great Christmas presents because they transport people to exotic locations with just a little imagination. Get swept away in nature with the Secret Garden Adult Colouring Book, which offers relaxation galore.

Christmas Gifts for Parents Who Love Adult Colouring Books

Sure, it is relaxing to sit down by yourself and spend a few hours getting lost in the patterns of a good adult colouring book. However, parents with babies and toddlers will tell you that alone time isn't always possible, but luckily, we have a selection of adult colouring books that parents and children can enjoy together. Both adults and kids will love sharing Christmas presents like The Big Book of Things to Find and Colour, or our best-selling Colour With Mum, which is a book featuring two scenes that are separated into one for adults and another for kids.

Quick and Simple Adult Colouring Books for the Holidays

Gift-giving adult colouring books as Christmas gifts is the equivalent of giving your overworked loved ones a reason to settle down, connect with their inner child, and forget about the stress of life for a while. While our collections are extensive, we believe in the differences of the soothing factor. For example, those who are short on time would benefit more from colouring books like Dazzling Patterns or The Neon Colouring Book. Both of these, while relaxing in their own right, are designed to be quick colouring projects for colourers who are pressed for time.

No matter which adult colouring book you choose to give as a Christmas gift this year, whether it is this delightful Secret Garden Adult colouring book or another one of our large range; we know you'll be giving the gift of relaxation to someone important.