Prudent Advice for Every Woman

Thoroughly modern and atypically witty hardback.

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Many women have spent years lamenting they werent given a handbook at birth. Jaime Morrison Curtis lamented there was no handbook either, so she took it upon herself to create one for her baby daughter. But the advice in this beautiful and witty anthology is full of helpful tips for women of all ages.

With 500 lessons, observations, and tidbits, theres plenty to learn and to share. For instance, Theres no substitute for baking soda or the warning that colouring your hair is an ongoing commitment. This book was published in November 2014 and was written by Jaime Morrison Curtis.

For the women in your life, this hardback book makes a wonderful birthday present, Christmas present, or Mothers Day gift. Its an especially useful and lovely present for young ladies and teenage girls. We recommend pairing this book with A Grumpy Guide to Life for your meme-loving daughter. Or perhaps pair with 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf for the fashionable young lady.

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