The Grammar of Ornament Adult Colouring Book

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Printed on beautiful thick paper, these gorgeous designs are collected from the 19th century British architect Owen Jones. He collected designs while travelling through Europe and the Middle East and grew fascinated between the relationship between nature and design. With 22 intricate outlines that have been inspired by designs found in carvings on buildings, mosaic patterns on floors, pained manuscript pages and embroidered clothing, this is one adult colouring book that has been carefully created to delight and inspire.

Colour the patterns in any colour scheme that inspires, or stick close to the original, by following along with the included colour reproductions of each image. This 48 page book is printed on high quality, thick recycled paper and features a blank page on the reverse of all colouring pages. This unique feature means that finished artworks are easier to remove and hang on display, while preventing colour bleed between pages.

Need to buy a gift for a friend, a daughter or a female colleague in the office? Maybe you know a special lady who’s creative or likes to relax with art? This would make a wonderful Christmas present for her; these books are also great for Kris Kringle gifts and birthdays or other occasions too.

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Owen Jones’s The Grammar of Ornament Adult Colouring Book

Colouring is not simply a kids’ activity. Adults enjoy colouring too because of its therapeutic benefits. Most colouring enthusiasts who call themselves ‘colourists’ claim that the activity makes them feel more relaxed, calmer, and mentally clearer. A great number of colourists are women. Hence, colouring books are fantastic Christmas presents for women.
Do you have an on-the-go significant other? Do you have a mum who loves to go out with her friends but complains at night about how tired she is? Do you have a sister that is just always too workaholic? Well, this The Grammar of Ornament adult colouring book will surely be one of the best Christmas presents for women.
Why Colouring Books are Great Christmas Presents for Women

Colouring books is always a great activity. Whether it is done individually or as part of the group, colouring brings a lot of advantages to colourists. Here are some of the reasons why giving adult colouring books as Christmas presents for women is a really bright idea.
·       Colouring is de-stressing

According to Carl Jung, one of the scientists who studied the benefits of colouring for adults, adult colouring books with circular and geometrical patterns help his patients become calmer and less stressed. Who would not love a lazy rainy weekend afternoon in bed with a colouring book and some crayons to add colour to the day? While she’s at it, play some relaxing instrumental music to really set a good mood.
·       Colouring helps reduce anxiety

Anxiety and panic attacks whether brought by a stressful work environment or some other circumstance bring a lot of negative thoughts. An anxious person often worry too much, have thoughts of death, experience chills and insomnia. By introducing colouring books, therapists help their patients move into a relaxed state. Now, how much would a therapist cost? Buying colouring books as Christmas presents for women is way cheaper yet equally effective.
·       Colouring helps one travel to another time or to a far place
Colouring does not only help a person relax. It is also a good way to travel through the pages. Especially if your sister, mum, or significant other cannot find time to travel, you can give her colouring books like The Grammar of Ornament as Christmas presents for women. Take her to places she never imagined.
The Grammar of Ornament Adult Colouring Book

The Grammar of Ornament colouring book is not your ordinary activity book. It features designs collected by British architect Owen Jones. Here are two reasons why it makes one of the most unique Christmas presents for women.
·       High quality material
If you will take a look at the book physically, it is made of high quality materials. The cover is thick to protect the inside pages. Each inside page is made of a slightly heavy paper that prevents colour bleeding between the pages. The colouring pages contain blank reverse pages so your girl can hang her work around the house. The colouring book measures 8.5 x 11 inches. It is big enough to maintain the beauty of the patterns yet small enough to carry around. It can easily fit any bag as well.
·       Intricate but diverse designs

The book contains 22 pages of wonderful designs collected by Owen Jones when he travelled through Europe and the Middle East. The book is 48 pages thick since the original colour is displayed as well. The recipient of this book can either copy the colour or create her own scheme. Either way, she benefits from the advantages brought by colouring. Some of the designs are inspired by Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Pompeian, and Turkish ornaments.
About Owen Jones

Owen Jones is an architect and designer born in London in 1809. He is of Welsh descent though. He studied in Royal Academy Schools and became an apprentice of architect Louis Vuillamy. Jones is one of the most prominent design theorists during his time. He toured the entire continent. His trip began in Italy. When he went to Greece, he met Jules Goury, a French architect. The latter was studying polychromy of the Greeks. Together, these two brilliant minds visited Egypt and studied Islamic architecture in its capital. They went to Constantinople, then Granada in Spain. In his trips, he collected various designs. Some are carvings on buildings while others are patterns on the floor. A number of designs come from painted manuscript pages, and embroidered pieces of clothing.
With this colouring book, you can take your significant other, sister, or mum to a trip they have never been before with The Grammar of Ornament Adult Colouring Book.