The One Book: Anyone Can Change the World

Hardback book, by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada

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How many people does it take to make a difference? This is question is as old as time itself; and now authors Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada seek to answer it and to inspire you to change the world. So what’s their answer to this age-old question? It takes one person to make a difference and that one person is you.

1: How Many People Does it Take to Make a Difference emphasizes the importance of discovering yourself and your own special gifts. This book then encourages you to share those gifts with the world, creating a true difference in the people around you.

With 80 pages of inspiring content, 1 is a great gift to give to those who have made a difference in your life. This beautiful hardcover will be enjoyed for years to come.

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Obtain One of Our Most Popular Christmas Present Ideas – The One Book!

Surely, you have been told that you come into this world because you had a purpose. That purpose, however, can only be realised if you make use of the special gifts given to you. How can you realise your gifts? The “1” book will help you discover and celebrate that special gift. It will also teach you how to use that gift so that you may help others realise theirs. That is what makes this book an amazing suggestion from the Christmas presents for women catalogue.

Do you have a friend, a co-worker, a family, or significant other who has touched your life in a way you can never imagine? Help her realise how amazing she is by giving her the “1” book as a holiday present or simply as a gesture of thanks. While there is the one ring to rule them all in The Lord of the Rings series, there is this “1” book to rule life.

What Are Four Reasons Why I Should Choose 1 from the Christmas Presents for Women Catalogue?

The “1” book from our Christmas presents for women catalogue is not your ordinary book. From the title itself, you can see that it really is something unique, and that it does have something surprising to offer. Here are some of the reasons why this book is one of the best Christmas presents for women.

Women love anything artsy. The “1” book from our Christmas present ideas catalogue is not like George R.R. Martin’s novels, thick and monotonous in the inside. Aside from the catchy book cover, the “1” book has interesting inside pages. Everything is really colourful. Some pages come in light blue, bright yellow, and tangerine. The font sizes and styles are varied as well. The overall typography and layout of the inside pages makes the book stimulating. No book can ever be as appealing as the “1” book from the Christmas presents for women collection.

Some women love collecting books for the sake of collecting them and putting them on top of the coffee table. Others, however, are really into reading what the book is all about. It does not matter whether the recipient of your gift is a bookworm or not because the “1” book has a wise and fascinating content that can hook anyone from page 1. The book has quotes and stories that will inspire any reader. It also has writing prompts to encourage the reader to document her life. It also contains empowering and step-by-step exercises to help the reader realise the gift and find the path intended for her.

Because of the book’s vibrant and appealing inside pages, and engaging content, it becomes quite reader-friendly. One can even finish this 80-page book from our Christmas present ideas catalogue in less than a day.

The “1” book from our Christmas present ideas catalogue also comes at a truly affordable price. You can even order a few copies here at Everything But Flowers!

What Are Some of the Reviews for “1”?

Not sure if the “1” book from our Christmas present ideas catalogue will suit your recipient’s taste as one of your Christmas presents for women? Take a look at what some notable people who have read it say about the book.

From John Terrill, the Integrity Director at Seattle Pacific University: “Normally, I love reading on my Kindle. But the One book makes me put it away and reminds me that the printed word can be so beautiful. This beautifully-designed and written book will lift your soul and guide you on a life-giving journey for the future.”

From Michele Abrams, Founder of InspireNotes: “I am a big fan of Compendium's books, but this one is especially inspiring. The One book reminds us just how important our individual contributions are and what a positive difference each of us can make in the world. I can't wait to give this book to friends and colleagues.”

From Lynn Blind of Bayley Construction: “I just finished reading One this weekend. What a lovely read and a beautiful layout. If you read this book, be prepared to feel grateful and inspired about the difference you can make in the world-not just in the future, but right now.”

What Can You Tell Me About the Authors?

The “1” book is written by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada. Dan Zadra, the founder and editorial director of Compendium, Inc. is one of the country’s writer of inspiring books. He has written a long line of award-winning books and best-sellers. He has also served as a communications and marketing consultant for different brands.

Kobi Yamada, on the other hand, is an accomplished writer, and creative and marketing director. He is known for developing award-winning products for America’s big brands.

All these things make the “1” book the best Christmas presents for women.

Does Everything but Flowers Provide Other Good Books for Christmas?

1 is just one of many books available in the good Christmas presents catalogue of Everything but Flowers! There are more inspirational books such as 1, so you could certainly obtain additional books from the good Christmas presents catalogue to make the gift stand out even more.

Our good Christmas presents range also includes a collection of novelty books, coffee table books, and even photography books. We also have niche books in the good Christmas presents range, which provide more info on fashion and jewellery design. Plenty of options for recipients of all types.

Looking for a specific book in our good Christmas presents catalogue? Or do you have a question about one of our books? Do not hesitate to contact Everything but Flowers or check out the product description pages for more information.