Nicole Fendel Bronte Ring

Broad and Bold Soft Gold, Cuff-Style Ring

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A beautiful necklace or ring can make an outfit and can add a touch of its own personality to the person wearing it. This Nicole Fendel Bronte Ring is broad and thick; it exudes power and strength and bravery. The ring is handcrafted and hammered, which gives this piece of jewellery a very earthy and elegant finish that is truly stunning.

The Nicole Fendel Bronte Ring is 1.5cm wide and made with 14ct soft gold. This ring is adjustable, but it fits sizes 7-8 best.

For the strong and courageous women in your life, this hammered cuff-style ring is a ringer of a gift! It’s perfect for any and every occasion, from Christmas to Mother’s Day and back again. Save time by using our premium gift-wrapping service, available from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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Discover Nicole Fendel Designer Jewellery at Everything but Flowers!

Whether you need a Christmas present for the special woman in your life, or would like to buy birthday presents for women that include some designer jewellery, you can easily find both at Everything but Flowers. Thanks to the extensive range of Nicole Fendel jewellery in our Christmas presents for women range, you can easily find a piece of jewellery that matches the character of your other half. Want to know what the most popular pieces in our Christmas presents for women range are? Read on to find out!

The Bronte Ring

When you want to gift an original ring to your other half as a Christmas present, you do not have to look further than the Nicole Fendel jewellery collection in our Christmas presents range. Inside our Nicole Fendell Collection, you can find the Bronte Ring, a handcrafted ring made from soft gold and finished with a hammered pattern.

The Nicole Fendel Bronte Ring fits most women perfectly. It has a width of 1.5 centimetres, but it can be adjusted per the required size. However, this ring tends to work best for women with ring sizes 7 or 8. If you do not know the ring size of your other half, simply compare a ring chart to one of the rings they wear regularly to get the most accurate reading.

The Nicole Fendel Celeste Pendant

Nicole Fendel also has some exotic pieces in her collections, so you can also find something a little more adventurous in our range of birthday presents for women. One of these exotic pieces from our birthday presents for women range is the Nicole Fendel Celeste Pendant, which features a gold-layered design for a true bohemian feel.

The Celeste Layered Pendant from our birthday presents range is also a part of Nicole Fendel’s newest celeste collection; this collection also includes some medium-length earrings, statement earrings and a minimalist teardrop, all handcrafted with hammer style finish.

Even though Nicole Fendel has created the Celeste Pendant in sterling silver and rose gold as well, the 14-karat soft gold option is by far our favourite for women with a more adventurous sense of style. Naturally, if you want something a little less adventurous, there are still other options from Nicole Fendel in our birthday presents range.

The Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace

If you need a glamourous necklace for your other half, be sure to consider the Nicole Fendel Alexa Extra Long Necklace from our birthday presents range. This balanced necklace is one of our favourites from the Nicole Fendel spring and summer collection, since it is made from Sterling silver plating and has an organic finish.

The Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace has a total chain length of 85 centimetres. Because of its length, it can be considered a statement piece, although this necklace works with casual as well as formal clothing. So, if you need a versatile necklace from Nicole Fendel, this will be your best option.

The Nicole Fendel Breathe Silver Pendant

Having a necklace with an inspirational inscription is essential for every modern woman, so if the special woman in your life does not own one yet, you could surprise her with this beautifully inscribed pendant from Nicole Fendel.

The Breathe Necklace from Nicole Fendel is made in four different materials; this includes rose gold, soft gold, sterling silver and ruthenium plating. This pendant from our range is the sterling silver option, which is recommended for women with a fair to medium skin tone.

Once you take a closer look at the Nicole Fendel Breathe Silver Pendant, you will notice an inscription on the bar of the pendant; this inscription reads “Breathe Believe Become” and inspires every woman to relax, focus and regain their essence. It is a beautiful statement piece that will be treasured forever, so if you are looking for something special for a celebration-worthy occasion, this statement necklace from Nicole Fendel is certainly it.

New Releases from Nicole Fendel

Everything but Flowers is a big fan of Nicole Fendel jewellery, so you will often find new pieces of jewellery from her collection in our range of gifts. Cannot find a specific piece from jewellery designed Nicole Fendel? Be sure to contact Everything but Flowers to ensure we don’t have it in stock already!

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Gift Help from Everything but Flowers

Need some help deciding on a gift for that special woman in your life? Contact Everything but Flowers via telephone or email to get some valuable gift advice. So, if you are truly stuck when trying to find the perfect gift, our team of professionals can lend a helping hand.