Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant

Focus, Recenter, and Just Breathe

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During our busy, modern lives, how often do we forget to come up for air? It happens to the best of us. That’s why it’s so important to relax from time to time and recenter. The Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant is beautiful, that’s true. But it also serves as a reminder to take a deep breath and live in the moment. This necklace features a bar pendant engraved with “Breathe Believe Become.” The bar is suspended by a lovely, 14ct soft gold chain.

The bar is 3.5cm in length and the chain is 14cm with an extender of 5cm.

Remind the special woman in your life to slow down and take a breath with this Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant. Your gift comes with a complimentary greeting card with upgrades available from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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Discover the Best Birthday Presents for Women from the Handbag & Jewellery Range!

There are two things that most women cannot live without, more specifically a nice designer handbag and jewellery. Therefore, we can recommend getting an item from our handbag and jewellery range as a Christmas present, birthday present, or as a present for another special occasion.

To view the best birthday presents and Christmas presents for women, be sure to check out our overview of items from the handbag and jewellery range below. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

The Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant

A Nicole Fendel pendant from our range of Christmas presents for women is the ideal gift for a woman with a love for the finer things in life. Therefore, we can certainly advise to get the Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant as a Christmas present. The Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant from our Christmas presents for women range, is made from the finest soft gold and has a beautiful inscription that reads “breathe, believe, become”.

The Nicole Fendel Breathe Soft Gold Pendant is suitable for most women, since it has a reasonable chain length and merges perfectly with formal clothing. Of course, this pendant also comes with a 5-centimetre extender, so your recipient can adjust the length to match her personal preferences.

The Nicole Fendel Bronte Cuff

Our Nicole Fendel Bronte Cuff from the birthday presents for women range, is also a good choice for women celebrating a special occasion. The design of this cuff is based on the bohemian style, and is finished with a lovely hammered texture.

The Bronte Cuff is 2.5 centimetres in width and fully consists of 14-karat soft gold. Because of the value of this gift, we can recommend this piece for a milestone birthday, Christmas present, Valentine’s Day or an important anniversary.

The Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag

One of the favourite handbag designers of the Everything but Flowers team is Louenhide, something which becomes clear quickly once you have a look at our range of designer handbags in our birthday presents for women range. Inside this range of birthday presents, customers can find the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag, one of the most delightful everyday handbag designs from the Louenhide brand.

If you want to gift someone a decent and good-looking designer bag she can use every day, you cannot go wrong by choosing the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag. This Louenhide bag from our birthday presents range features some complementing earth tones and a geometric flare, making this designer handbag from our birthday presents range suitable for delicate and feminine dresses.

Of course, nobody says that fashion cannot be functional, and this is also proven by this handbag from Louenhide. The Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag is quite spacious and includes several pockets to keep frequently-used items nearby. This handbag from our birthday presents range also comes with a matching cosmetics bag, so this is the perfect present for any given occasion and season!

The Nicole Fendel Celeste Pendant

Women with a love for exotic designs will adore the Celeste Pendant by Nicole Fendel. This exquisite piece of jewellery was handcrafted, and features an astonishing hammered texture that reflects a true feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

The inner pendant of this piece measures a total of 1 centimetre in width, and hangs from a long chain measuring a decent 41 centimetres. The outermost pendant on this piece measures a total of 3 centimetres, and hangs from a 43-centimetre chain. Also, included with this pendant, a 5-centimetre extender to lengthen the necklace.

The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag

When a woman needs a functional, spacious and stylish bag, she will undoubtedly choose the Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag. The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag features an elegant design of white and stone stripes, and includes a soft cotton lining that increases the durability of this designer handbag.

The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag also features some beautiful gold hardware and adjustable leather straps that place a nice accent on the overall design of the bag. Naturally, adjustable straps also add to the functionality of this bag, meaning that a woman can use this bag for a day at the beach, or even for a nice shopping day in town.

The Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch

When heading out to a formal event, most women prefer to carry a classy clutch. Unfortunately, this also means having a large collection of clutches at your disposal, because the fashion-conscious woman needs the perfect clutch to match her beautiful dress. However, there are some versatile clutches that can work with many formal dresses and clothing; this includes the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch.

The Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch is truly irresistible. The clutch features a shiny, cream-coloured exterior and provides a lot of capacity despite being a clutch. Still, this clutch is small enough to place that finishing touch on your formal outfit, and functional enough to store your essential makeup, phone and other items for a night out.

The Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace

Women who love the designs of jewellery designer Nicole Fendel are in for a treat, because the Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace has just been added to our extensive range of Nicole Fendel jewellery! The Alexa Long Necklace is the perfect statement piece for a formal dress, but can also accompany smart work attire.

The Alexa Long Necklace is made from pure sterling silver and contains petal-like charms to create some balance in this statement piece. So, for the perfect blend of formal and casual, the Alexa Long Necklace is the optimal choice.

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