Louenhide Navy Emily Bag

Stylish Zippered Purse with Navy & White Stripes

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The Louenhide Navy Emily Bag is just lovely! This beautifully designed handbag features deep blue stripes that alternate with light and airy white bands. Two bright brown handles and soft gold hardware complement the nautical theme and bring the whole purse together.

The interior of the purse is lined in cotton twill and features several convenient pockets to keep often-needed items separate and accessible. The handbag comes with a secure zip closure and easily adjustable straps.

Give this Louenhide Navy Emily Bag as a fashionable gift to fashionable friends and family members. We offer free shipping throughout Australia on all orders over $99 AU. So take your time and enjoy shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas presents, and everything in between!

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The Designer Handbags from the Birthday Presents for Women Range Revealed!

Women who would love to receive a designer handbag as a birthday or Christmas present can only hope their hubby or friends discovered the birthday presents for women range at Everything but Flowers. In this extensive range, customers can find a tremendous collection of designer handbags, which includes some outstanding options from Louenhide. To discover some of our bestselling designer handbags, please read our overview of recommended Christmas presents and birthday presents for women below.

Elegant, Fun and Sophisticated – the Louenhide Navy Emily Bag

Every woman needs a roomy handbag where she can store a lot of her stuff, especially during the holidays when a lot of cards and Christmas presents need to be dragged around. Fortunately, there is a spacious designer handbag in our range of birthday presents for women – the Louenhide Navy Emily Bag – which is suitable as a birthday and Christmas present.

The Louenhide Navy Emily Bag features an elegant design with navy blue and white stripes. It also has two sturdy brown handles, ensuring that the bag can take a considerable amount of weight. There are also some lovely gold details that add a lot of sophistication to this bag, making it suitable for more than just everyday use.

A Louenhide Navy Emily Bag can be used for many things. It can be your everyday handbag, but also function as a nice beach bag where you can keep your towel, sunscreen and other important supplies when you spend a day on the beach. As said earlier, this is also a suitable bag for the holiday season, since its capacity enables the recipient to easily carry all her Christmas presents and cards home safely.

Maximum Capacity – The Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag

If you liked the capacity of the Louenhide Navy Emily Bag from our birthday presents for women range, you are going to love the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag as well. Like the Navy Emily Bag, the Peppermint Mickey Bag offers a similar capacity. It also has the typical leather-coloured handles that stand out from the general design of the bag.

When you choose the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag for your recipient, she will get an extra surprise, because this handbag from our presents for women range comes with a matching cosmetics bag as well. Having a matching cosmetics bag enables the recipient to keep her cosmetics safe and organised, so when a touch-up is needed, she won’t have much problems finding the cosmetics she’s looking for.

Delightfully Luxurious – The Louenhide Audrey Pink Champagne Cosmetic Set

When you buy a good handbag for a female recipient, you almost can’t resist to shop for some luxurious cosmetics bags as well. Even though some of our designer handbags already come with matching cosmetics bags, it does not hurt to look at some of our designer bags that provide women with everything they need to store their cosmetics on the go.

One of the separate sets of cosmetic bags we can recommend is the Louenhide Audrey Pink Champagne Cosmetic Set; these cosmetic bags are made from durable polyurethane, ensuring that these cosmetic bags can endure everyday use.

To add more luxury to the design of these cosmetic bags, Louenhide added some gold hardware detail. Because of this design, you can take these cosmetic bags with you to a formal event, because they will match any formal handbag perfectly.

Fun Coral – the Louenhide Coral Baby Chicago Bag

If you need a cosmetic bag for everyday use, the Louenhide Coral Baby Chicago Bag could be the perfect bag option for you. This bag from our birthday presents for women range is spacious and functional, enabling you to easily store all the essentials you need every day.

The Louenhide Coral Baby Chicago Bag is also easy to match with most casual outfits. They work well with jeans and a blouse, but you can also wear them to work and combine them with a nice dress suit. Therefore, we have no problems saying that this coral handbag from our gifts range is the best choice for a woman in need of an everyday handbag.

Compact & Elegant – The Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag

Not everyone woman wants a bulky handbag when going to a formal event, because most will combine their formal dress with a nice clutch or a smaller handbag that doesn’t disturb the flow of their clothing. If your recipient needs such a bag, the Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag will be the best choice.

The Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag is compact and elegant, featuring some lovely gold accents and a colour that slightly reflects light, making it appear luxurious. However, the interior of this elegant bag is quite different, since it consists of beautiful black and white striped fabric, which ensures all stored essentials remain safe.

Novelty Fashion – Fries Before Guys Canvas Tote Bag

When your recipient likes a bag with a funny message printed on the exterior, be sure to have a look at the Fries Before Guys Canvas Tote Bag. This bag from our birthday gifts range displays one clear message, more specifically that this woman prefers food over everything.

The “Fries before Guys” print on the bag may be a novelty, but that does not mean that this tote bag is hard to combine with your everyday clothing. Whether you are wearing jeans or black trousers, you can easily take this tote bag to go shopping.

More Designer Handbags at Everything but Flowers

Do you need more designer handbags for your recipient? Or would you like more options before you decide on the best handbag for the special woman in your life? If you want to see all handbags we have in our range, simply head over to the “women” page on the main menu and select the handbags & jewellery subcategory.

Need some help deciding on the right handbag? Do you need some professional input to ensure you are making the right choice from our gifts range? Feel free to contact our team of professionals and get some advice to find the perfect designer handbag on Everything but Flowers.