'I Am Very Busy' Large Notebook

Spiral-Bound with Lined Pages and Perforation

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Taking time to write out notes, ideas, and thoughts is a proven method for working through problems and finding solutions. This adorable pink Ban.do I am Very Busy Large notebook provides plenty of space for a woman to make lists, plans, and record important memories. It features gold spiral binding, an inspirational centerfold, and a double-sided pocket page. The pages in this 160-page notebook also include a space for the date.

This large spiral-bound notebook measures 1 x 27.9 x 22.9cm.

Give this Ban.do I am Very Busy Large Notebook as a Christmas gift or birthday present to a young woman with need and desire to write, plan, and work toward her dreams. She’ll love this delightful notebook!

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What Christmas Present Ideas Do You Have For A Career Woman?

Jumping into a career with all the possibilities lying ahead can be exhilarating for some. If they land a job they have worked hard to get, it can be absorbing and eat up a lot of their spare time. So it is good to give them an excuse to enjoy their time off.

If you know women who are really into building a career, and you would like to get Christmas presents ideas, then we have some amazing Christmas presents for women for you. It is best if you think of her and how she dresses, what job she does, and what her hobbies are. If you are not sure, you can still give fantastic Christmas gifts for career women.

Why Are Notebooks Such Good Christmas Presents For Career Women?

The 'I Am Very Busy' Large Notebook is a humorous, yet practical notebook with 150 lined pages, together with pockets and a centrefold for any extras she needs to keep with her notes. It is a fun, joyous Christmas gift for women who have to take extensive notes for their job. Writing everything down – everyone knows what a good idea it is, and how many of us do it? And regret that we don't! So career women like this can get her into the habit of jotting down her ideas, plans, and maybe helpful information she's overheard as she goes about her day.

Would She Appreciate A Handbag Or Some Other Accessory from the Christmas Presents for Women Catalogue?

Career women have to be organised. They are under a lot of pressure. So bags that can organise their belongings can be a good idea as career women's Christmas gifts. Luckily for you, the bags at Everything But Flowers are desirable and stylish – it would be hard to go wrong. If she wears make-up, we have stunning cosmetic bags that she will adore. Often cosmetic bags can be worn out and stained with fall-out from the make-up. It's paint for the face, so you have to understand how hard it is to keep a make-up bag clean!

The stylish leather cosmetic bags from our good Christmas presents catalogue are big enough so her make-up does not get squashed, and they are so lovely she will probably take extra care. She may even use it as a bag to take to work – just slip in her mobile phone and headphones and off she goes to take on the world!

Can I Get Her Something To Brighten Her Day?

We have humorous mugs that are well-made and handsomely designed, as well as fun desk gadgets. We have a thermal mug that has a funny message about coffee written on it in gold. It is a good-looking mug that will keep her morning hot drink as she commutes or moves from meeting to meeting. It is funny, but it is all in good business taste!

If they are too busy to see you during the holidays, you can send your good Christmas presents directly to them, and we will gift-wrap your good Christmas presents too. She will love that, it is so efficient! We are joking, it is just a charming gesture to send lovely Christmas presents for women who are absorbed in their career but will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

At Everything but Flowers, you can take advantage of good Christmas presents for women, hand-selected by our team. Our catalogue is packed with good Christmas presents for all types of women. So, whether your recipient is an avid cook or an adventurous spirit, our good Christmas presents range has it all.

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Do you need more Christmas present ideas for your recipient? Or are you having trouble deciding which of our Christmas present ideas is best for your recipient? Get some advice from the Everything but Flowers team today!