Sunnylife Flamingo Ride-On Float

Relaxing in the Pool Never Looked So Good!

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If we compared this Sunnylife Luxe Rose Gold Flamingo Float with a car, it would be the Porsche of all pool floats. This gorgeous float features a luminous rose gold sheen that’s sure to make everyone at the lake or the pool green with envy. And that’s not all! The float utilises internal stability for a nice, smooth ride. It also features recessed seating and handles.

The Sunnylife Luxe Rose Gold Flamingo Float measures 115 x 154 x 130cm and comes with a repair patch. It’s designed for use by people aged 6+ years. Material: 0.3mm PVC.

For the glamourous woman in your life, only this luxurious pool float will do. And if you ask us, it makes a wonderful Christmas gift! Orders exceeding $99 AU receive free Australia-wide shipping.

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Want Christmas Gifts For BBQ Pool Party Fun?

It's summer and it's Christmas – two seasons that give plenty of reasons to party! At Christmas it's essential to celebrate, and in the summer, who can resist those lovely barbecue pool parties? The swimmers have been washed and aired, the suntan lotion bought, and the sun hats are always to hand. One more thing to do – get those Christmas gifts for friends and family!

One thing most of us have in common at this time of year is having regular barbecues and dipping into the pool. We'd like to tell you why getting party-themed Christmas gifts from Everything But Flowers is a really good idea. Take a look around our site at party Christmas gifts like the Sunnylife Flamingo Ride-On Float.

Imagine you're at a pool party and this glistening pink Flamingo is floating in the pool, waiting for company. You might witness a rush! This is a big pool float, which can carry a couple of adults (romantic!) or maybe a few kids. They can splish splash as the barbie's cooking delicious grub. Summer heaven, hey?

Sunnylife have designed a range of awesome pool floats that people absolutely love – both kids and adults. They're all in splendid designs – toucans, unicorns, swans, and huge rings. We have these fabulous party Christmas presents in sizes for adults and for kids. So you can please the whole party crowd with pool float Christmas gifts that ensure fun all summer long.

Is BBQ Equipment Good To Give As Christmas Gifts?

We know that people who love barbecuing will have all the equipment they need, but they won't have some of the fun BBQ items from Everything But Flowers. Any anyway, BBQ equipment gets such a bashing in those flames, and barbie accessories break, so yes, BBQ equipment is excellent to give as Christmas gifts for men and women chefs.

In the Novelty section of our site, you'll see fun barbie lighters, humorous BBQ kits and Christmas gifts that BBQ chefs will find exciting, such as an iron with letters he can arrange to brand his meat with his own messages. If you want Christmas gifts for men and women with a touch of mischief, this branding iron can be heaps of fun.

Do You Have Practical, Useful BBQ Equipment For Christmas Gifts?

We have fantastic equipment for BBQ chefs that can change their barbie cooking repertoire with your Christmas gifts. You'll find smokers and infusers that can make meat and vegetables delectable. Many BBQ chefs would love to infuse their food with their own flavours, and you can give a Christmas gift for the barbie chef that can broaden his cooking experience. Aren't you the most helpful friend!

It's also a good idea to get BBQ Christmas presents because the last thing a barbie chef needs when guests are arriving is some missing equipment, so his barbecue is scuppered. Back-up BBQ spatulas, tongs and the like are essential for the serious BBQ party thrower. Barbecues are fun, and some of our cooking equipment can make the food even more delicious, which adds to the fun. Include the pool floats in your party Christmas gifts, and you've got a brilliant party on the go!