Fine Jewelry Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms Book

Photographs and Jewellery Designs for Fashionistas

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An outfit just isn’t complete without a well-chosen piece of jewellery or two. From a simple string of pearls to bold costume jewellery, the right piece can turn a good outfit into an unforgettable one. Fine Jewelry Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms is all about stunning modern accessories. It features more than 35 jewellery designers, 500 colourful illustrations, biographies, websites, and more. The incredible pieces in this book have been worn by some of the world’s most fashionable women, including Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Salma Hayek.

Written by Olivier Dupon. Hardback Dimensions: 33 x 3 x 24.4cm. 256 pages.

Stylish women and fashionistas love Fine Jewelry Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms. This holiday season, we recommend giving this fashionable book as a delightful Christmas gift.

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What Christmas Gift Ideas Do You Have For Fashionistas?

If you don't know what a fashionista is, it's someone totally into clothes – a devoted follower of fashion! You probably know one or two, and need Christmas gifts for fashionistas that they'll appreciate, but you haven't a clue what to buy them. We understand! So let's give you a few ideas.

One thing fashionistas love, as much as wearing gorgeous clothes, is looking at awesome clothes, jewellery and other accessories. They'll also be interested in vintage clothes too, because they're very 'in' at the moment, and probably will be forevermore. So what do we have that fashionistas will like for Christmas?

The Fine Jewellery Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms Book has a stunning cover for starters, that will absolutely delight any fashionista. It features the jewellery of 35 designers with over 500 illustrations, stories, biographies – day, weeks, years of aesthetic delights for those who appreciate beauty in fashion. This is one of those delicious Christmas gifts that fashionistas adore and feel proud to have on a bookshelf, or on their coffee table.

You'll find other books for fashionistas, including one on the history of Chanel, and other style books with tips on how to mix and match clothes. All is a good education for fashionistas in the vast and creative world of fashion.

What Accessories Do We Recommend as Christmas Gifts?

For fashionistas, they can be quite fussy, but also pragmatic. Unless they're rich, they have to be creative and mix and match clothes and accessories from the high street and designer shops. This is actually very fashionable in itself, carrying off such a look. So you can rest assured that your Christmas gifts for fashionistas can be found at Everything But Flowers.

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You'll find charming necklaces and other interesting accessories here that are top fashionistas Christmas gifts. They can inspire wonderful creativity in the way the women wear their clothes – half the style is in the attitude and the way clothes are put together, rather than the price tag. If you're not confident about getting women's Christmas presents she can wear, then we have beautiful cosmetic bags and jewellery boxes that look yummy.

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