English Tea Shop Luxury Variety Gift Box of 96

A perfect gift or a treat for a true tea lover. By Engli

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Enhance your healthy lifestyle with organic tea such as the organic tea in this gift box that consists of 96 sachets in 12 different varieties at 8 sachets per variety. This soothing beverage brings multiple benefits to your health besides being aromatic and relaxing. It contains much needed antioxidants.

With this Luxury Organic Tea Variety, you can enjoy whatever flavour you like anytime. Promote healthy living by giving this gift box to your parents, couples, health-conscious individuals, tea lovers and friends as gifts on celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and other occasions.

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Tips to Choosing Unique Womens Christmas Presents

Choosing the perfect Christmas presents for women might seem daunting, but you have to realise that while some women have similar interests, every woman is unique. Gift giving is a special process but it's not as difficult as it sometimes seems; most women prefer thoughtful, even sentimental, or funny presents - the kind of gifts that make fond memories.

When in doubt, good food and great wine make an awesome Christmas present pairing for the special ladies in your life. Our Christmas Bites Xmas Hamper features a wide selection of gourmet chocolates and scrumptious crackers with a bottle of well-aged wine - perfect for a relaxing evening in front of a roaring fireplace. Or, give your gal reasons to indulge with the Chocolates & Red Shiraz Hamper, inclusive of decadent truffle chocolates, red wine, and delicious cookies.

Festive Gifts for Ladies Who Love to Read

Bookworm babes will love getting a few literary classics or new hobby books under the tree or in their stocking. Adventurous women might enjoy Australias Top 100 Places to Go The Ultimate Bucket List, featuring pictures of some of the most beautiful locations in Australia. This book is exploration made easy, as there are vivid, high-resolution photographs galore across 100+ pages.

Ladies interested in farming and raising animals would find comfort and knowledge in our collection of Wisdom books like, Wisdom for Hen Keepers or Wisdom for Beekeepers. Then again, artsy and chic women could find relaxation in our line of adult colouring books, such as the Secret Garden Artists Edition Adult Colouring Book, Dazzling Patterns, or Outside the Lines.

Christmas Presents for Women who Love Baking

Our favourite kinds of Christmas presents for women are those that expand knowledge about different hobbies, like baking.

For the bakers among us, we offer a huge selection of holiday gifts, such as cookbooks and bakeware sets. Chocolate lovers with limited time for making dessert will enjoy learning about Chocolate Mug Cakes. Or, women who are big on a good, healthy, hearty breakfast will find inspiration in Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles & French Toast.

Those who want to personalize their cookies and cakes can put their seal of approval on their fresh-baked pastries with an Anna Gare Hearts Cookie Stamp Set. We also have a plethora of measuring cups, retro measuring spoons, and antiquated aprons, complete with designer decors of cherries, checkered patterns, and 1950s frills.

Holiday Presents for Women Who Love a Bit of Everything

Of course, most people think of flowers, sleepwear, and beauty products when they think of great Christmas presents for women. However, there are some women who would rather receive a strong bottle of cognac, a picture frame, or something for their garden for the holidays.

Then there are ladies who love a bit of everything, dabbling in numerous hobbies - these women are the easiest to buy Christmas presents for, but its still nice to consider gift-giving something worthwhile, useful, and memorable. When all else fails, get her smiling with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, such as the ones in our Enchanted Garden Floral Arrangement.