Cocktail Hour Hi-Ball Glass Set

Stunning Anna Gare Gold Detail Set of 4

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Whether its filled with refreshing soda or Gin & Tonic for a fun evening, these hi-ball glasses from the Cocktail Hour range by Anna Gare are sure to impress. Beautifully detailed with shining gold stars and diamonds, we think theyd make perfect Christmas presents, or just a thoughtful gift for the person in your life who loves to entertain.

Measuring 6cm x 14cm with a capacity of 275ml; these hi-ball glasses will add a touch of luxurious fun to any occasion. Pair this with some of our other homeware gifts to create the perfect gift for her, or how about a great gift for a couple for a housewarming? You cant go wrong with this set!

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Punch Inspired Christmas Presents

Cocktail hour hi-ball glass set is a beautiful Christmas gift idea and you need beautiful glassware to add a bit of extra sparkle and enjoyment to your delicious Christmas punch.

To make delicious, proper punch, you don't just get a big bowl, throw in some spirits you have on hand and add a few bottles of Fanta or your favourite juices. 'Punch' originated hundreds of years ago and has a specific range of ingredients.

Where did the idea for punch come from?

Like all very old things, the origins are obscure. The word 'punch' is said to derive from the Hindi word panch, meaning five, which refers to the number of ingredients spirits, water, lemon juice, sugar and spice.

It's said to have either been invented, or discovered in India, by sailors during the height of the Spice Trade in the 17th Century. Punch provided comfort during extremely long sea journeys wracked with dangerous weather, disease, cramped conditions, mutinies, hostile natives and extremely hard work.

Before they set sail from England, the ships were loaded with beer for the sailors, with a ration of ten pints per sailor a day! The trouble came when they sailed into hot weather and the beer went rancid (or ran out!). So panic for the sailors and initiative needed! This is where punch came to the rescue.

When they reached land, they bought local distilled spirits, such as rum, then mixed them with citrus, sugar, spices and sometimes teas. The sugar and alcohol preserved the drink on the long voyages, and the spices gave it a delicious flavour.

The sailors returned to Europe with recipes for punch, and soon it became widespread in society at social gatherings particularly at Christmas as a 'flowing bowl'.

An old English song from c.1730 went:

You may talk of brisk claret, sing praises of sherry;
Speak well of old hock, mum, cider, and perry;
But you must drink punch if you mean to be merry.

It was very popular! Nowadays a communal bowl of punch has become part of the festive tradition. There are many recipes for punch; you can find heaps online just remember to have spices in the kitchen!

Punch Accessories for Christmas Parties

We have the perfect punch container for an outdoor Christmas pool party. The Anna Gare Tutti Frutti Drinks Dispenser holds 10 litres and is encased with a tap for pouring perfect for keeping out pesky flies. This would make a fantastic Christmas present because it's beautiful too, with a stylish retro look.

Our Cocktail Hour Hi-Ball Glass Set is another great Christmas gift. The glasses are adorned with gold stars and diamonds very festive-looking. Plus their size and shape is just right for a cool glass of punch by the pool.

Here at Everything but Flowers, we love gift giving and do our best to make sure your gift shopping experience is as easy as it can be; we've got the perfect Chistmas presents for the entire family ready to send straight to their door.