Chanel: Collections & Creations Hardcover Book

Featuring 139 Incredible Illustrations and Photos

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Coco Chanel built an empire that continues to rule over the fashion world today. In Chanel: Collections & Creations, Daniele Bott curates designs and photographs pulled from the archives. These incredible illustrations throw light onto Chanel’s glamourous and innovative past, as well as its timeless present. It features five wonderful sections: the camelia, jewellery, the little black dress, the suit, and fragrances & makeup.

Hardback Dimensions: 4.1 x 24.9 x 29cm. 208 pages.

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The Chanel: Collections & Creations Book is the perfect Christmas gift for women who are aspirational and love looking at beautiful things. It charts the history of the world's most famous fashion brand, showing illustrations, designs and photographs from the history of the House of Chanel. She'll particularly love this book because Chanel has traversed almost 100 years and still retains a particular look, that's survived years of flower power, flares, drainpipe trousers, fluorescent geometric designs and dungarees! Yet Chanel has a class all of it's own and has stood it's ground with elegant style.

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