Cartwright & Butler Shortbread

Simple, Sweet Biscuits from a Simpler Time

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Shortbread biscuits are perhaps the most simple and most delectable of sweet biscuits. The Cartwright & Butler Demerara Sugar Shortbread Rounds prove this point a million times over! These delicious shortbread biscuits contain sugar, milk, flour, a bit of salt, and real butter. Could it get any simpler or tastier than that?

These Demerara Sugar Shortbread Rounds (7.1oz) are extra delicious when eaten with a cup of coffee or some robust English Breakfast tea! The shortbread biscuits come with a clip-top, reusable canister.

Make special occasions a bit sweeter and give these Cartwright & Butler Sugar Demerara Shortbread Rounds as a Christmas, Mother’s Day, or birthday present. And save time by using our deluxe gift-wrapping service.

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Want Christmas Gifts Ideas For Grandparents?

The old image of grandparents was of them sitting by the fire knitting and reading. Modern grandparents can be found trekking across mountains or swimming with dolphins. Nonetheless, they still like their sweet treats, gorgeous homeware and fun items, so we've plenty of Christmas gifts for grandparents.

Of course people can be grandparents in their 30s - if they're a family that doesn't like to waste time! Or grandchildren might not happen arrive the grandparents are in their 70s, so there's quite an age-range for our Christmas gifts ideas for grandparents.

Homeware Xmas Gifts For Grandparents

We have a huge selection of Christmas presents for grandparents for their home. You'll find a fine selection of vintage-style tins of goodies by Cartwright & Butler. This English company has a history going back over 100 years – it was started by two sisters who began baking because they were broke and needed the money! They were so talented, the company grew until today it's a brand found in the world's finest shops.

The Cartwright & Butler Shortbread biscuits is as tasteful outside with it's beautiful tin packaging as the biscuits are tasty inside. They're charming Christmas gifts for grandparents of all ages. They're also great if you're on a budget – top quality at a good price! Nowadays if your parents remarried, you could have four sets of grandparents! And if you're married to someone in the same situation, that's potentially eight sets of grandparents!

Do Your Grandparents Deserve Special Thank You Christmas Gifts?

With both parents having to work much of the time these days, grandparents can play a big role in your upbringing. They may have watched over you, taught you to swim, comforted you when you cried, and now slip you money under the table to help you out! Grandparents can be awesome, so if you're looking for a way to say thank you with your Christmas gifts for grandparents, then we'll give you some helpful ideas.

If your grandparents have a naughty sense of humour, then our Novelty section will be the place to go. We've heaps of funny Christmas gifts for grandparents with a twinkle in their eyes. You'll find plenty of Xmas gifts that are brilliant if you're on a budget, and if you're not, you can buy several Christmas gifts for grandparents that'll make them laugh.

If they like a tipple, we've a host of drinks packaged beautifully so that they look like the lovely Christmas gifts they are. Wines, beers, champagne, whisky, brandy and port. We've also a range of awesome drinking glasses that make excellent Christmas gifts for grandparents if they love entertaining. Glasses tend to get broken regularly (especially when there's booze involved!), so getting new, special glasses will be lovely Christmas treats for grandparents.

Do your grandparents like cocktails? If they've never tasted the deliciousness of cocktails, or even if they're cocktail experts, we've a handsome range of cocktail making equipment, and cocktail recipe books. You can add cocktail glasses, a crystal mixing glass, and you'll be giving them premium Christmas gifts that grandparents will cherish.