Mint Blue Teapot By Leaf & Bean

Ideal for loose-leaf, 1.6L

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Everyone loves a nice cup of tea. Our Blue Mint Teapot can handle your favourite brew in style. This elegant gift also makes a superb present for tea connoisseurs and will take pride of place in their kitchen.

'Tea break' is an important time in everyone's life and the handsome Blue Mint Teapot from Everything but Flowers will certainly make the grade.

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Foodies can either be the easiest people to buy for or the most difficult. And often you dont know which one until after theyve opened their Christmas presents. This can make it a nightmare to try to find the right present.

So how can you buy Christmas presents for a difficult foodie?

Theyre friends, uncles, or siblings who loves food but inexplicably hate any food you give or suggest to them. Though difficult, you can even satisfy these people around Christmas time.

One trick to buying Christmas presents for a difficult foodie is to give them something theyve never eaten before. How can they turn their nose up at something theyve never had? Who knows, you may just help them find their next favourite food!

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How do you find the right non-food gift for your foodie friend?

If you dont want to chance picking out the wrong wine or the wrong food-based treat, you still have a few good options. Think about the trait that binds all foodies together; they appreciate quality. So if you want to impress your foodie friend, consider giving them some new kitchenware. But not just any kitchenware, quality kitchenware. This could mean finding a small, but well crafted steak knife set or a top-of-the-line crepe pan.

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A final tip:

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At Everything but Flowers we have thousands of products that make the perfect Christmas gifts for the entire family. Whether it's this Mint Blue Teapot by Leaf & Bean so they can enjoy some quiet relaxation in the summer mornings, or it's an experience voucher to give them the Christmas present of a lifetime, you are sure to find the perfect gift in store and ready to deliver; after all we've got one of Australia's biggest range of the coolest online gifts.