Natasha Vase Set Blue

Blue Vase Set, Subtle and stylish

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This gorgeous twin set of blue glass vases is perfect as a centrepiece on the table or on a side table in the living room. No matter where they're displayed they will be beautiful. Nothing beats the elegance of fine craftsmanship, these mini glass vases capture attention as they stand with elegance and reflect timeless charm. Adding fresh flowers into each of them can certainly delight the eye and fascinate the senses.

Create a cosy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. This chic pair of vases will bring out the best in any area of the house. A perfect gift to show your love and appreciation, give these blue vases as a gift to your loved ones or friends on Christmas, Mothers Day, or for a housewarming or other special occasions.

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Top Tips for a Beautiful Christmas Dinner Table

The family has gathered, the weather is chilly, and your house is filled with Christmas spirit. Games are played, friends are hugged, Christmas presents are torn open and enjoyed. Then comes the main event: Christmas dinner. Its the piece de resistance of the holidays. And after youve slaved over the turkey or ham, youll want to display all that food on a table deemed worthy.

For a gorgeous Christmas dinner table, ready for family and friends who are tired after opening piles of Christmas presents, it's as easy as using beautiful Chistmas table centrepieces such as this 2 Piece Vase Set in Blue; for extra ideas follow these tips.

Where else can you start than with the tablecloth?

A tablecloth protects your table from spills and sets the stage for the rest of the setting. So before you do anything else, you must choose the right tablecloth. Beginning with a white or dark blue tablecloth will give your table an elegant, but simple appearance. Just keep in mind that white is simpler, but dark blue will be easier to maintain.

Whats next For the Christmas Dinner Table?

After you choose your tablecloth, you can then either choose a placemat to go under each individual plate or choose to skip the placemats all together. Having placemats for each plate will give your table a more formal appearance. Without placemats, the table will be less formal and will appear simpler.

Remember, even if you do decide to skip the placemats, you still must choose the napkins. Its a good idea to choose napkins with a colour that contrasts with your tablecloth. So if you have a dark blue tablecloth, consider using white napkins. To add some extra pizazz to your table, choose festive napkin rings.

Ready to choose the plates for your Christmas Table Decor?

Christmas is usually the time of year when you bring out your finest China and silver utensils. So it seems your plates are already chosen! For Christmas, however, youll probably also put out dessert forks, coffee spoons, and wine glasses.

To give your table some extra sparkle, you might consider giving yourself some Christmas presents, like new wine glasses, new coffee cups for dessert coffee, or candles.

Whats the most exciting part of setting a Christmas dinner table?

You may think the most exciting part of the holidays is giving and receiving Christmas presents. You might be right. But setting a beautiful Christmas dinner table is not a bad way to get into the Christmas spirit before you start opening those gifts. So after youve chosen the tablecloth, the plates, and napkins, you can then start to have real fun! Make sure you have one or two bouquets, displayed in simple vases.

If youre not going to be the one setting the table, you may still want to contribute. Because Christmas dinner often comes after opening the Christmas presents, you can give your host something special. Consider giving elegant napkin rings, salt cellars, flowers, or a vase. The 2 Piece Vase Set in Blue is the perfect match for a simple Christmas table, so when you purchase this delightful set as a Christmas present, not only can it be used at Christmas, but it's going to look stunning all year round as beautiful home decor.

At Everything but Flowers, we're one of Australia's favourite online Christmas gift stores, because this gorgeous 2 Piece Vase Set in Blue isn't all we stock, but also a wide range of gifts for all occasions.