Nicole Fendel Aurora Moonstone Earrings

Mesmerising Moonstone Earrings

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Every piece of Nicole Fendel jewellery is handcrafted with the best materials available, including stunning semi-precious gems and radiant 14ct soft gold. These Nicole Fendel Aurora Moonstone Earrings, for example, feature magical moonstone gems framed in a lovely soft gold with sterling silver backs. The moonstone used for this set has a rustic, tumbled finish that really makes these earrings special.

The moonstone studs measure 8mm in diameter.

This pair of Nicole Fendel Aurora Moonstone Earrings is just one of many beautiful gifts for women available at Everything But Flowers. We recommend taking advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service to make this an amazing Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift!

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Want Tips On What To Buy Women Who Love Accessories?

If you're not familiar with the world of accessories, you won't know that unless a woman spends much of her wages on them, or is rich, she probably doesn't have enough. Want to know why buying accessories as Christmas gifts for women is a good idea? Because she'll have clothes and shoes in different colours, and will need bags, earring, necklaces and the like that match each outfit. This can mean different colours or styles.

Having a handbag for every outfit and occasion, and then the jewellery to match, is something most women don't possess, which is why getting accessories as Christmas gifts for women is such an excellent choice. Also, having a good quality, highly attractive handbag, purse and other accessories, is something she'll really treasure. One note, if you think about her, and you see she's not at all bothered about handbags and never wears jewellery, this isn't the right gift for her. Not every women is into clothes and dressing up, but those who are need help!

So How Do I Know What She Needs For Christmas?

If she's your partner, or your sister, then you can observe what she wears, and the colour accessories she has. Would she like quality Christmas gifts for women, but can't afford it? Maybe she's a young adult who'd love a gorgeous leather bag, but can't afford one. If you don't know her that well, but know she's well-groomed, you can go general and buy her an accessory like a leather purse.

The Nicole Fendel Aurora Moonstone Earrings are the kind of Christmas gifts for women that go with every outfit and will suit women of every age. So that's all your women's Xmas presents sorted then! Only joking, but they are ageless and their beauty has a neutral base colour can be worn during the day with jeans or at night with a beautiful dress.

Handbags and purses and clutches – oh my!

There aren't many women who don't use a handbag. These days, even more than before, the gadgets we have means that 'man bags' are a feature now, so women really need something to put their mobile phone, mp3 player, tablet, and then the usual make-up bits and pieces she needs on her travels. If you're looking for handbags of quality that look desirable, go to the Women's section, and within that the Jewellery & Handbags section. Here you'll find the answer to your women's Christmas gifts prayers.

If you're wondering what a clutch bag is, it's bigger than a purse, smaller than a handbag, and has either one handle or none. It's used for nights out when the minimum of gear is needed, so a woman can boogie on the dance floor clutching a small bag rather than a big handbag. Young women particularly love them, so when you're thinking of buying Christmas gifts for young women, she'll probably love one of our yummy clutch bags. We have a leather monogrammed range, where we'll emboss her accessory with her initials – these are really gorgeous Christmas gifts for women when you want to impress her.