Eierix the Viking Egg Warmer

Dress your egg up for a bit of fun!

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He has travelled o'er the seas and this little Viking egg warmer will make sure no one comes near your egg in the morning! Hand-crocheted out of 100% mercerised cotton, these cute outfits for eggs will make the beginning of your day delightful!

Donkey Products take everyday items of necessity and give them a humorous twist, combined with a lot of wit and a little edge. So make someone's morning, this is the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, make it a Kris Kringle present or even just to say you love them!

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How to Choose Great Novelty Stuffing Filler Christmas Presents

Novelty Christmas presents may just be the most fun way to celebrate the silly season; and they are the perfect gift idea for stocking stuffer presents or Kris Kringle gifts. Theres an unmistakable giggle that fills the air when everyone in the office gathers around to swap the years Kris Kringle gifts. Waiting to see whos going to receive a serious Christmas gift and whos going to get a cheeky, laugh-inducing novelty Christmas present its the anticipation that is half the fun.

So, each year, when we decide on what products to stock for our best-selling Christmas presents range; we always make sure weve got some hilarious novelty gift ideas ready to deliver to help bring a smile or even better, a belly laugh whether its at home with friends and family or an office Christmas gift for workmates.

Novelty Christmas Gifts for Men

When it comes to buying funny gifts for guys, we recommend something as cheeky as possible that makes a statement about who he is or what he loves to do. Funny novelty gifts that align with annoying habits or nicknames are likely to bring the biggest laughs so if you are close to the guy youre buying for, then try as hard as you can to find something hell see the humour in from the moment he opens it. Buying novelty Christmas presents for guys you dont know well is also easy, if hes married a book like Donts for Husbands will have him laughing. Anything a little out of the ordinary is sure to get a smile.  

Novelty Christmas Presents for the Home Chef

Gifts for the kitchen dont always need to be serious. While gorgeous homewares definitely make wonderful and stylish gifts; funny kitchen and BBQ items are always a winning gift for those who love to cook. At Everything but Flowers, we stock a wonderful range of barbeque gifts and you really cant go wrong with funny Christmas presents like novelty BBQ lighters, BBQ branding irons, Novelty spatulas, or novelty condiment guns, or for the entertainer who loves to throw parties, the party alcohol shots gun will impress. For a very naughty giggle, the happy man bottle opener and stopper bring out the smiles every time. The Eierix the Viking, Egg Warmer is extra funny for Dad for his morning Christmas gifts breakfast.

Finding Funny Kris Kringle Presents

When you dont know a person well enough to buy them a gift to match their personality or hobbies, then a funny book is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face regardless. Dogs Hanging out of Windows will have giggles galore filling the air, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity, or perhaps A Pugs Guide to Etiquette, or how about the Shakespeare Insult Generator? There are lots of great humorous books that make Christmas gifts fun and easy to buy. Dont get stressed trying to find the perfect Kris Kringle gift, funny books are one of the most well-received gifts because they can be enjoyed with friends and family over and over, bringing joy, just as all good Christmas presents should.

Whether it's the Eierix the Viking, Egg Warmer or something else you've found on our online gifts website for Dad, then we know he'll love any Christmas gift you give him this year.