Scrabble Fridge Magnets

Over 100 magnetic tiles for your fridge.

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Spruce up your fridge with a set of super Scrabble fridge magnets. Create useful reminders, shopping lists and fun messages. With this set, you can practice your Scrabble skills everyday while waiting for the toaster to pop or your coffee to brew!

This set has over 100 magnetic tiles featuring the full Scrabble letter distribution, plus the Triple Word, Triple Letter, and Double Word score tiles.

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Want to buy Christmas presents the whole family can enjoy?

Buying a gift than an entire family can enjoy is a tricky task. How do you find something everyone in the family will like? Though it requires a bit of thought, buying one large gift for an entire family can be a lot simpler than trying to buy Christmas presents for each individual member.

Are you buying a gift for someone else's family?

Buying Christmas presents for an entire family is really quite straight forward. You have two primary options: give a gift basket or give an experience.

How do you choose the right gift basket for a whole family?

Gift baskets make wonderful Christmas presents for a variety of people, because it can be as personal or as general as you like. When buying a gift basket for a family, first think about the amount of members in that family.

Then try to decide roughly how many gifts per person you'd like to give. This will help you decide how large of a gift basket you need. For a family of 4, you may decide you want everyone to get around 2 gifts, so youll want to send a gift basket consisting of 8-10 items. The extra 2 items will help ensure that everyone finds something they like.

Because most gift baskets consist of edible items, youll want to know if the parents drink alcohol and if anyone in the family has food allergies. These last two considerations should help you finish deciding which gift basket would be most appropriate.

What if you want to give Christmas presents the whole family will enjoy long term?

If you dont want your gift to be gobbled up in a matter of days, if not hours, you might consider giving the family an experience. But how do you give an experience?

For a whole family, season passes or tickets to their favourite sports team, movie theatre, or opera house are thoughtful Christmas presents. When giving tickets, its important to make sure you know the gift will be used. You dont want to buy passes that will go to waste, and the family wont want to waste a good gift.

Do your research. Find out if family's schedule is already too full, or if theyre able to enjoy a night out here and there.

Still looking for the perfect Christmas presents?

If a gift basket isn't suitable and you'd prefer not to give event tickets, consider gifting the family simple items that can be enjoyed by each member. For example, by giving a frisbee and a picnic basket, the family could enjoy many picnics at the park or the beach together. Encouraging a family to spend time together, through your gifts, is never a bad thing.