Sunnylife Rainbow Neon Light

Fun Vintage-Style Neon Light with Adaptor

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Life isn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows, but it can be with this Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light! This vintage-style lamp is inspired by the stunning and captivating lights of Las Vegas. It features a dimmer switch and an amazing rainbow design.

This Sunnylife Rainbow Neon Light measures 30 x 8 x 29cm. It comes with an adaptor; batteries are not required. The light is made with durable ABS plastic and glass.

With the colourful Sunnylife Rainbow Neon Light, this Christmas is going to be the bomb! You can customise this awesome gift by taking advantage of our deluxe gift-wrapping service and picking out a premium greeting card. Customisation options are available from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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What Are the Most Cheerful Christmas Presents at Everything but Flowers?

One of the main things many people attempt to do during the holiday season is bring some cheer to friends and family. To allow our customers to easily find Christmas presents that could do just that, we have created an overview of our most cheerful Christmas presents. Curious what we have chosen for this holiday season? Read on to find out!

What Would You Suggest for Someone Who Likes Colourful Lighting?

If you know someone that likes colourful lamps, we would like to recommend the Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light from our Christmas presents collection. The Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light represents peace and love, but also the lovely good vibes that comes with neon lighting.

The Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light measures a good 30 x 8 x 29 centimetres, which means this light from our Christmas presents collection could become the centrepiece of any living room or hobby room. The light comes with an adapter, so your recipient will not need any batteries to operate this delightful present!

What Cheerful Christmas Present Would You Suggest for a Child?

Looking for a cheerful present for a child? Then we can certainly suggest the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack this holiday season. The backpack can be used for school, but also other activities since this backpack is extremely versatile.

Of course, the cheerful aspect of this backpack is not its only benefit, because the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack is made from GOTS certified organic canvas; this means that this backpack is environmentally-friendly. In addition to that, the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack is also made with water-based inks, which are non-toxic and generally safer for children.

Parents can easily keep this backpack clean as well. To clean the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack, simply place it inside out in the washing machine and put it on a 30-degree washing cycle. Once you let it air dry, the backpack will be as good as new.

Any Cheerful Gifts Related to Cocktails or Drinks?

Yes, our recommendation for anyone who likes cocktails and drinks during the holiday season is the Cocktail Hour set of Cocktail Stirrers. The Cocktail Hours Set of Cocktail Stirrers are designer pieces, since they are made by Anna Gare.

Since our homewares and entertaining gifts are often most popular during the holiday season, we urge you to check the remainder of our collection for some gifts that could accompany the Cocktail Hour Set of Cocktail Stirrers. One of our recommendations to go with this gift is one of our cocktail recipe books, but there are many other options.

What Christmas Presents Could You Recommend for Recipients Who Love Flowers?

Flowers are probably some of the most cheerful gifts during any special occasion, but they are not often used during the holiday season. However, there is a gift in our collection that could be used to delight a flower lover, more specifically the Flower Addict hardcover book.

Flower Addict contains photographs of flowers arranged by Saskia Havekes. The photographs were taken by Nicholas Watt and are displayed over an amazing total of 272 pages. It is one of our most creative and cheerful gifts for the holiday season, especially when your recipient loves flowers and gardening.

Does Everything but Flowers Offer Any Cheerful Photo Albums?

Sometimes the most cheerful gift you can give to a recipient is the ability to keep memories. One of the ways to keep your memories close to heart is a photo album. Therefore, our next recommendation in this overview of cheerful Christmas presents is the Kate Spade Black Dot Large Photo Album.

As you may know already, Kate Spade is a published author, but also a designer; this is one of the reasons why this photo album from our range is so special. The Kate Spade photo album has a delightful polka dot design and is embellished with a quality linen cover; this ensures that the photo album can stand the test of time.

The Kate Spade Black Dot Large Photo Album measures 21 x 21 centimetres. The convenient size of the photo album makes it compact enough for the recipient to take with them, but also big enough to store a lot of her most valuable memories. So, when considering a memorable Christmas present this year, you certainly cannot skip over the Kate Spade Black Dot Large Photo Album.

What Other Cheerful Gifts Could I Obtain This Holiday Season?

The cheerful presents we mentioned above are our most popular options, but they are not your only options at Everything but Flowers. If you have not found the perfect cheerful holiday present for your recipient, be sure to head over to our Christmas presents catalogue to find more options. Alternatively, you can also contact our expert team for some personal recommendations.