Cocktail Hour Bottles

Sodacreme Style Set of 6 from Anna Gare

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Entertaining with style has never been so easy or fun with these delightful Cocktail Hour bottles with straws from Anna Gare. In the very popular vintage milk bottle style, this set of 6 has beautiful gold detail for extra fun, featuring the words Cheers, clink, fizz, party, POP and bubbles.

Each bottle measures D 6cm x 14cm at 190ml and is capable of holding 190mls, great for children to drink soda or for the adults to create interesting cocktails to enjoy. We think this cute set is perfect when it comes to Christmas presents, because who wouldn't love this delightful set to entertain with.

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The Perfect Housewarming Christmas Presents for the Home

There are several reasons why you might be pondering the perfect housewarming Christmas presents for the home. Perhaps you and your family have moved to a new place and need some great holiday accents to make the house your own. Or, maybe you are friends with a pair of newlyweds who have decided to invest in a house all their own. Or, better yet, perhaps you know a few friends who could use a few unique interior decor options to spruce up the homes they have lived in for ages. If youre looking for a fun gift then the Cocktail Hour bottles with straws from Anna Gare will do the trick; but weve got so many great gifts to choose from youre sure to find something perfect if that isnt it.

Whatever your reason might be, we have a huge selection of housewarming Christmas presents for the home truly something for everyone. Our range of gifts includes cushions, frames, wall art, bakeware, dinnerware, vases, novelty must-haves, and bunches more.

Two Shareable Gifts and Other Christmas Presents for the Home

Instead of shacking up alone, most people prefer to live with others, such as families, friends, and other loved ones. This, of course, includes wayward roommates who expect most of their holiday gifts to be shareable with everyone. We have two shareable gifts that we think would make the best Christmas presents for the home.

Roommates who enjoy a good breakfast together will love the Luxury Organic Tea Variety Gift Box of 48. This boxed set contains 48 satchels of tea, all separated into a plethora of delicious flavours that tantalise your senses and warm you from the inside out. Or, you can opt for practical Christmas presents for the home, like an Upright Chicken Roaster that everyone in the house can use to make scrumptious dinners.

Christmas Presents for the Home of Farmers and Survivalists

Nowadays, more people are taking a genuine interest in farming or learning survivalist skills. Farmers and survivalists are old-school and awesome in their methods. Plus, they are some of the easiest people holiday shop for, especially when it comes to snagging Christmas presents for the home.

We have two of the best gift-giving options for farmers in the form of books one entitled the Wisdom for Beekeepers Book, and the other named the Wisdom for Hen Keepers Book. Both of these books are educational in a tell-all fashion that makes them easier to learn from with step-to-step guides on how to raise bees and chickens.

Flowery and Simple Christmas Presents for the Home

Sometimes the best Christmas presents for the home are temporary, but beautiful and simple, like flowers. We offer a wide range of pretty arrangements that homeowners can use to spruce up and bring colour to a room. Some of our favourites include the Lovely Melody Floral Arrangement combination of pink, hot pink, and bright red roses in a crystal vase and the Basket of Sunshine Floral Arrangement, inclusive of gerberas, roses, and daisies in bright yellows.