Urban Rituelle All in one Wash 500ml

Cleanse Hair, Skin & Body in One.

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Men dont want to waste time on fancy skincare, so why bother with three products when one will do just the same? This handy mens all-in-one from Urban Rituelle gently cleanses and conditions his face, hair, and body while being tough enough to remove grease and grime.

The rich lather of Rosewood, Orange, and Grapefruit essential oils will invigorate while hydrolysed wheat protein and glycerine will condition and soften. Proudly Australian made, this is a clever skincare line for men who want products that are made with men in mind. In a 500ml size with handy pump, this will last for a while. Its perfect for the man who likes to take care of his skin without too much fuss.

This makes a great gift for college students, husbands, sons, and brothers. So make sure you get your order in before Christmas, his birthday, or Fathers Day! And while youre at it, consider pairing this gift with a brand new shave kit, complete with soap and a new brush!

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Urban Rituelle, an Australian-born brand, is committed to providing high quality skincare and homeware items that celebrate the rituals we perform everyday. This incredible All-in-One Wash is a perfect example of their fine skincare products. In this one 500ml bottle, you’ll find one wash that does three jobs. It removes dirt and oil from your hair and skin. At the same time, it cleanses and conditions.

The All-in-One Wash from Urban Rituelle combines rejuvenating grapefruit, orange, and rosewood essential oils. Glycerine and hydrolysed wheat protein provide gentle conditioning and protection. It’s truly the perfect gift for the modern man on a tight schedule.

Ready to look your best for Christmas?

Its the holiday season. Youre visiting family, catching up with old friends, and giving out Christmas presents left and right. With all this social activity, you want to look your absolute best. So to help you do just that, here are some holiday hygiene tips!

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Whether you have a beard, goatee, mutton chops, or just an old-fashioned mustache, it should be in tip-top shape! Start by removing stray hairs. This will immediately give you a cleaner look. Its then important to clean up unkempt facial hair by making sure everything is the same length.

Keep in mind that your facial hair is just as sensitive as the hair on your head, which means youll want to take care of it similarly. Instead of using your regular soap to wash your face, use shampoo to soften and moisturise the hair and the skin beneath. This will make your beard healthier, shinier, and less brittle.

For your father, brother, or significant other, consider giving them some early Christmas presents, like a new shave kit and brush.

Do you take care of your skin properly?

If youve previously put your skincare on hold, its time to make it a priority. After all, your skin is a very important organ. Not only is it your first line of defense against illness and injury, it tends to reflect your overall health.

To make sure your skin is moisturised and ready for Christmas pictures, start by using a gentle soap. If your skin feels tight after using any sort of soap or body wash, then its still too harsh; this tightness is a sign that the skin is dehydrated. Give him Christmas presents that encourage skincare like this Urban Rituelle All in one Wash 500ml.

Another simple trick to hydrating your skin is simply to drink plenty of water. Without enough water, your skin loses moisture, just like any other organ. This can present itself as dryness and flakiness. A lack of water can also cause your skin to prematurely wrinkle!

So help your male friend get ready for the holiday season by including moisturiser and gentle soap like Urban Rituelle All in one Wash 500ml in his Christmas presents.

How do you take care of your nails?

You may not pay much attention to your nails, but before you rip open your Christmas gifts, you might want to make sure your fingernails are clean and healthy! Start by trimming them. Make sure theyre all the same length, then use a nail file to remove any jagged edges.

And if your winters are quite cold, your nails can easily dehydrate just like your skin. To keep your fingernails moisturised, soak them in olive oil or use cuticle cream to add some protection from the weather.

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