Ted Baker Men's Desktop Tidy

7-Compartment Desktop Organiser for Men

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For men who regularly meet with their clients, coworkers, or superiors, the Ted Baker Mens Desktop Tidy is a great way to make a good impression. After all, a neat, organised desk is ready to do business, make deals, and hit the ground running on new projects.

This desktop organiser features 7 compartments. There are large sections for bigger items, like cellphones and sunglasses. But there also smaller compartments for writing utensils, office supplies, and loose coins.

Give the Ted Baker Mens Desktop Tidy to congratulate friends and family members on their new job, promotion, or office. And be sure to take advantage of our gift-wrapping service to personalise your gifts!

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He may have a tidy, organised desk, but chances are he won't have an elegant 'desk tidy'. The Ted Baker Men's Desktop Tidy is a 7-compartment desktop organiser. It's a really elegant organiser that will impress his work colleagues and his boss! You see, when it comes to Christmas gifts for men with taste we even think of their work desk! He can keep his phone in one compartment, sunglasses, pens, and other necessities in the organiser, stylishly ready for him to pick up when he goes for his epicurean lunch.

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