Sunnylife Portable Barbecue

Portable Charcoal Grill for Portable Summer Fun

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’Tis the season for barbecuing, going to the the beach, and spending time with friends. This Sunnylife Portable Barbecue is designed to travel, so the party can go anywhere. The small charcoal grill features an elegant dark blue and white design, a clip-on lid, removable cooking grid, and a vent. The lid even features a handle, so it’s easy to carry to the perfect party spot!

This charcoal grill measures 45 x 37 x 37cm. It’s light, compact, and travel-ready!

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue makes the perfect men’s gift for Christmas. We recommend using our premium gift-wrapping service to personalise your presents. Greeting cards are also available from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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Discover Great Christmas Presents and Birthday Presents for Beach Lovers at Everything but Flowers!

Do you need a Christmas present for someone who enjoys spending all their time on the beach? Or do you need something practical for your recipient? No matter what kind of beach presents for men you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find them at Everything but Flowers! Read on to discover the beach-themed Christmas presents and birthday presents for men below.

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue is one of our most popular birthday presents for men, and it is not difficult to see why. The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue from our birthday presents for men range has everything the aspiring barbecue lover needs for an amazing barbecue feast at the beach; this includes a removable cooking grid and clip-on lids for that extra smoky flavour.

With its compact size of 45 x 37 x 37 centimetres, this barbecue is easy to take with you to the beach or on your camping trip.  Since this barbecue is so compact, it is also suitable for those who travel frequently or like to go for a weekend away. Therefore, this barbecue is suitable for more recipients than beach lovers alone. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a Sunnylife Portable Barbecue from our birthday presents for men range, because this gift is so functional you cannot imagine life without it anymore.

The Luckies Smartphone Speaker

Want to enjoy your favourite music at the beach, but does your smartphone or tablet not have the volume? No need to worry, because our Christmas presents for men range contains the ideal speaker that can transform a low volume smartphone or tablet into a genuine discotheque – the Luckies Smartphone Speaker!

The Luckies Smartphone Speaker from our Christmas presents for men range can increase the sound on your smartphone, mp3 player or laptop. To use the Luckies Smartphone Speaker, simply connect the device in question to the Luckies Smartphone Speaker with an aux cable. Once connected, you can enjoy the superior sound this speaker can provide.

King Island Flight & Overnight Stay in Victoria

Beach lovers can also find several experiences in our extensive range of gifts; this includes our King Island Flight & Overnight Stay in Victoria. This experience starts with a flight from Moorabbin to Lilydale, which includes views over the magnificent Bass Strait.

Upon arrival in Lilydale, participants get the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and experience all the wonderful things this island can offer. Afterwards, participants get to rest in the wonderful Breeze Motel, an overnight stay which includes delicious chocolates, wine and a nice breakfast.

If you plan to take advantage of the King Island Flight & Overnight Stay in Victoria, be sure to bring a jacket, camera and all the things you need for an overnight stay on this wonderful island. Also, please consider that a weight restriction applies for bags and golf clubs, so be sure to take this into account when doing your packing.

The Manly Beach Yoga Mat

Even though yoga is the favourite exercise of many Australian women, many men are starting to see the benefits of yoga as well. If you know someone who recently started doing yoga, and would love to do some yoga on the beach, then be sure to consider the Manly Beach Yoga Mat as a gift.

The Manly Beach Yoga Mat has a beautiful print and is specifically designed for vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga and Pilates. The materials used to create the mat are also free of odours, phthalates, silicone, PVC plastic, latex or chlorine, ensuring the yoga lover has an environmentally-friendly yoga mat option.

The Airlie Beach Skydive in Queensland

More adventurous beach lovers will also find their perfect experience at Everything but Flowers, because we offer the Airlie Beach Skydive Experience in Queensland. During this experience, you can get more familiar with the Great Barrier Reef, but you will be doing it from 14,000 feet in the air.

Before you acquire this experience from our range, please take some general rules and guidelines into consideration. Firstly, participants should wear sneakers and loose clothing, even though a jump pants and some warmer clothing can be provided during colder days. Also, participants must avoid scuba diving 24 hours before doing this skydive. They must also avoid the use of alcohol or drugs at least 8 hours before the experience takes place.

Even though there is no age limit to skydiving, participants must be at least 12 years of age to participate. Participants can weigh more than 110 kilograms, although these participants will be subject to a surcharge and a safety assessment.

Sunnylife Professional Beach Bats

Sunnylife makes some wonderful beach equipment, so it is no surprise that another recommended item from our beach range is created by the Sunnylife brand. The Sunnylife Professional Beach Bats ensure that you will have a wonderful time at the beach, providing you with two professional bats made from genuine bamboo wood. The bats are also covered with rubberised grips, so you can easily play a couple of sets without your hands hurting.

The Maroubra Surf Class in Sydney

Our overview of beach gifts would not be complete without mentioning one of the surf lessons offered at Everything but Flowers. One of the recommended surfing experiences from our range is the Maroubra Surf Class in Sydney, the perfect lesson for those who have never been on a board before, but also those who have a little more experience. When you choose the Maroubra Surf Class in Sydney, experienced instructors will personalise the lesson according to your skill level. So, even if you are an experienced surfer, you will still get something valuable from this exquisite experience.

More Beach Gifts at Everything but Flowers

At Everything but Flowers, we do not only offer beach gifts for men, since our range also has numerous beach gifts for kids and women as well. So, if you need a beach gift for your wife, partner, son or daughter, be sure to look at the rest of our range as well.