Men and Their Sheds Hardcover Book

Incredible Sheds and Garages from Across Australia

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The shed holds a very special place in a man’s life. It provides a refuge from the frustrations of life and allows a man to recenter. Men and Their Sheds features amazing sheds and garages from all over Australia. It includes vibrant photographs and interesting narratives from their owners. This incredible book is inspiring, fun, and celebrates the shed’s important place in our culture.

By author and photographer Craig Wetjen. Hardback Dimensions: 30 x 24cm. 232 pages.

This Christmas, inspire your dad, husband, or brother to create his own shed sanctuary by giving Men and Their Sheds as a thoughtful gift for men. If you order by 1PM (AEST), you can take advantage of our same day and next day shipping options to select Australian cities. So start shopping!

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Presents for Real Men at Everything but Flowers!

Customers looking for presents for the manly man is certainly going to find great options at Everything but Flowers! So, if you’re stuck on finding the perfect presents for him, we certainly have some wonderful recommendations for you today. Below, you will find an overview of presents for him, all chosen with a real man in mind!

Men and Their Sheds Hardcover Book

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for a manly man? Then you should consider the Men and Their Sheds Hardcover Book from our Christmas presents for him range, a book that features some of the best man sheds in the world!

Men and Their Sheds was written and illustrated by Craig Wetjen, who wanted to create a book that featured some of the most unique man sheds in the world. He certainly succeeded with this book from our Christmas presents for him range, because this book features 232 pages of glorious man sheds.

By choosing Men and Their Sheds from our Christmas presents for him range, you could give the special man in your life some inspiration for their own man shed. It is a thoughtful Christmas present that will be cherished by any man, so you simply cannot go wrong by choosing this hardcover as a holiday gift.

The Eva Solo Whisky Glass

Our range of birthday presents also includes some great gifts for real men. One of these gifts from our birthday presents is the Eva Solo Whisky Glass, which could complement the extensive collection of whisky lovers.

The Eva Solo Whisky Glass from our birthday presents range is specifically designed for whisky lovers who like to drink the most exquisite whiskies; this includes whiskies such as Glenmorangie, Glenlivet, Jameson and Jack Daniels. Of course, this glass from our birthday presents range is also suitable for rarer whiskies, and is bound to complement their unique palate.

Our Eva Solo Whisky Glass from the birthday presents range is not the only unique whisky glass design at Everything but Flowers, because we have other whisky glasses that could complement the flavour of your recipient’s favourite whisky. We also have unique whiskies that are extremely suitable for whisky collectors, which are certainly going to be appreciated by a real man.

The Beef Carving Block

Real men like to have a good slice of meat, so the Beef Carving Block from Everything but Flowers could be an excellent gift for them. The Beef Carving Block features a unique bull design, but also a design that preserves the freshness and the aroma of your finest cuts of meat.

In addition to cutting his favourite meats on this Beef Carving Block, the real man can also use our Bull Beef Carving Block to serve his finest meats to his guests. So, if the special man in your life likes to entertain guests with a delicious roast or barbecue meats, you simply cannot afford to miss the Beef Carving Block from our gift collection.

The Dapper Gentleman’s Jar

A real man is also a gentleman, which is why we can recommend the Dapper Gentleman’s Jar. The Dapper Gentleman’s Jar is handmade by expert craftsmen and features a design with top hat and bow tie.

The jar can be used to store the recipient’s personal belongings and keep them safe, so if your man needs something to add to his mancave, you should certainly consider this jar. Of course, this jar can be added to other rooms in the house as well, because our Dapper Gentleman’s Jar goes great in the bathroom, living room, lounge and the home office.

Ridleys Games Room Poker Set

Real men also enjoy their gambling games, so gifting the special man in your life something they could entertain themselves with during games night is always a good idea. One of our recommendations is Ridleys Games Room Poker Set, which contains everything a real man needs for a professional poker night.

Inside the Ridleys Games Room Poker Set, men will find a total of 200 poker chips, a dealer button, 2 card decks and game instructions. Even if your recipient does not know how to play, the instructions are bound to help him on his way.

At Everything but Flowers, you can find other items that could complement Ridleys Games Room Poker Set, including a pack of gold-plated playing cards. So, be sure to check other games in our men’s range to make sure you have the perfect gift for the special man in your life.

The United Nations of Beer Hamper

Most men like a good glass or bottle of beer, which is why the United Nations of Beer Hamper is a good gift option for real men. Inside this exquisite beer hamper, men can find some classic beers, including Becks Lager, Kronenbourg, Grolsch, Peroni and Stella Artois. Our United Nations of Beer Hamper also contains many savoury nibbles, which match the beers inside this hamper perfectly.

In addition to the United Nations of Beer Hamper, Everything but Flowers has other beer hampers as well. Each of our beer hampers contains beers from well-renowned brands, which includes Chimay, La Trappe, Bitburger and James Squire. So, no matter if your recipient prefers Australian or international beers, there is always a good hamper available for your recipient.

We also need to mention that each of our beer hampers is filled with additional savoury nibbles to accompany the beers, so you never need to look for additional items before you gift this hamper to your recipient. In conclusion, any of our beer hampers is a perfect choice for the real man.

Other Gifts for Real Men

At Everything but Flowers, you will find more gifts for real men, because the presents mentioned above are just our recommendations. Everything but Flowers understands that every man has his own personal preferences, which is why we ensure a large range of gifts suitable for many different men.

Need some help picking out a gift for a real man in your life? Contact our gift experts by leaving us a message on the website, or giving our friendly team a call!