Georg Jensen Wine Stopper

Made in Denmark

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From the design of Georg Jensen comes this practical and beautifully-designed wine stopper. Made in Denmark, its crafted from stainless steel with a sleek mirror finish and a silicone stopper. When a bottle of wine is opened and not consumed that very same day, the wine becomes fermented over the course of several days. So the wines aroma and its taste will change and not for the better!

This wine stopper slows down this fermentation process to preserve your wine for longer and keep it fresh so you can take your time. Its an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for men, or an anytime gift for wine lovers and connoisseurs everywhere. Pair it with a bottle of wine or wine gift hamper for something truly special!

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Ready to celebrate a wine-lover this Christmas?

In many ways, buying Christmas presents for a wine-lover is quite simple. Theyll almost always appreciate a good bottle of wine, complimentary treats to go with a bottle of wine, and wine accessories. So lets look at an accessory or two!

Looking for wine-related accessories?

There are many Christmas presents you could give to make a wine lovers wine drinking easier and more enjoyable. If they dont already have one, a wine aerator is a considerate gift. The aerator can be used to pour wine into a wine glass or decanter. Using an aerator allows the wine drinker to skip the process of letting a freshly opened bottle of wine breathe for several minutes before drinking.

Wine stoppers always make great Christmas gifts for wine-lovers. Since they tend to be small, they often get lost. And for the wine-lover, not having a good wine stopper is just as bad as letting a glass of wine go to waste. You might as well pour it out!

Why are wine stoppers important?

Wine is aged to perfection. When left open or without proper sealing, the air quickly causes the wine to ferment. This often causes the wine to taste vinegary. By sealing the neck of the wine bottle, a wine stopper ensures that the wine is not being exposed unnecessarily to the outside air.

Unfortunately, a wine stopper will not keep a wine good indefinitely. The wine should still be enjoyed within a few days, but the stopper will keep the wine good for several more days than if you didn't have a stopper.

Is there anything you can do with spoiled wine?

Believe it or not, even if wine has spoiled it can still be used for certain purposes. You can actually make vinegar from wine gone bad. Using old wine to marinate a steak allows the steak to gain all the good flavour of the wine, without the bad. During cooking, any alcohol left will be cooked away.

If you have spoiled white wine, keep it around in your fridge for a while. Why? Because white wine can be used to get red wine stains out of carpet!