Gents Hardware Post Shave Lotion

After-Shave Lotion for The Gentlemen

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No man wants to suffer skin irritation due to shaving. Bumps and razor burn are uncomfortable and unsightly. This sandalwood-scented Gents Hardware Post Shave Lotion moisturises and protects skin from developing painful irritation. For best results, they simply apply this sumptuous lotion after shaving.

Gents Hardware Post Shave Lotion, 100ml, comes packaged in a stylish gift box. You can make your gift even more special by using our premium gift-wrapping service. From you Everything But Flowers cart, pick out a bow and our gift-wrapping experts will do the rest!

Give this luxurious post shave lotion as a Father’s Day gift, birthday, or Christmas present. Your father or significant other will love it!

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What Grooming Items Are Christmas Gifts Men Will Love?

There were a few decades where, apart from shaving for work (except for the beardy 1970s!), men's grooming was seen as unmanly. Now grooming for men is fashionable, and expected, so most men, especially young men, have a broad range of grooming items. So which men's grooming Christmas gifts will he love?

If you take a look in the Men's section at Everything But Flowers, you'll see hundreds of awesome Christmas Gift ideas for men. We've picked a selection of grooming Christmas gifts for him that look stylish on the shelf. It's always our aim that we stock attractive, desirable men's Christmas presents that are gifts you'll be proud to give!

So what grooming gear for men make great Christmas gifts for him? The Gents Hardware Post Shave Lotion is something he'll always need. If he's never used shaving lotion, you may change his life! The skin irritation and bumps on his cheeks will be soothed and smoothed by this brilliant men's Christmas gift. It's scented with Sandalwood, too, so he'll have a lovely, subtle scent after using it. The packaging is stylish too, so he'll love this guy's Xmas gift in his bathroom.

What Types of Grooming Items Do Men Need?

Shaving Christmas gifts for men, especially the stylish grooming men's gifts on our online store, are good staple Christmas gifts he'll make use of. When he shaves every day, he'll get through his shaving gels, cream and lotions regularly. If you look in the street stores, the packaging of men's grooming items is more functional. We make sure our grooming Christmas gifts for men have awesome designs. The Gents Hardware Post Shave has a retro-style packaging that has a touch of class.

Take a look at our MÜHLE range of gentlemen's razors. They are so stylish, that any man who enjoys the finer things in life, or any young man starting to shave, will really appreciate getting these grooming Christmas gifts for stylish men.

Essential grooming items for men include shaving cream, after-shave lotion to soothe his skin, maybe after-shave or cologne, hair pomade or gel, and then combs, maybe styling brushes – many of these he'll want to get himself, such as after-shave or hair styling products. However you can be sure that our shaving lotions, creams, razors, soaps and brushes are such stylish Christmas gifts for him that he'll definitely cherish them. Help him feel like a real gentleman with his grooming men's gifts for Christmas!

Do You Have Christmas Gifts For Men With Beards?

Yes we do! We have luxurious beard oil and beard care sets that are essential to keep beards looking attractive and well-kept. Your Xmas gifts for men with beards can open up his world if he's never used quality oil that has a gentle, manly and attractive scent. You can give luxurious Christmas gifts for men that they'll not only love, but will actually enjoy using! And of course the packaging is stylishly designed, so when he opens your grooming Christmas gifts, it'll look awesome before he's even tried it! We do our best to make sure your shopping experience is a pleasurable as possible, and your men's Christmas gifts are fantastic for your friends and loved ones.