Insulting Parrot

Polly doesn't want a bleeping cracker!

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A caged bird could be great to have in the kitchen, however your way out friend may prefer your gift of Polly the Parrot’s downright rude insulting remarks. It makes these insulting remarks in response to every movement it detects, and lets rip with comments that will definitely upset those around.

This insulting Parrot makes an hilarious Kris Kringle gift for those Secret Santa recipients who love a laugh. It's just that right amount of naughty cheek that is what makes Kris Kringle so fun at the end of a long year. Also a great gift idea for birthdays for those who have it all and really love a good giggle.

Everything but Flowers suggests you send this naughty novelty with discretion and you can use our personalised free gift card to alert the recipient to Polly the Parrot’s attitude. We have 1,000 more gifts from which to choose and can gift-wrap Polly if you include this in your order.

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Insulting Parrot

Christmas is a time for many things. It is a time of endless Christmas parties and family gatherings. And what is one of the things that make these parties fun and exciting? No other than the famous Christmas tradition of Kris Kringle. Most of us look forward to giving and receiving Kris Kringle Christmas presents. But most of us have busy schedules especially during the holiday season. Going to the malls may be a time and energy consuming activity especially during the Christmas rush. We, at Everything But Flowers, want you to shop for your Kris Kringle Christmas presents the most convenient way possible. By visiting our website, you can choose from a wide variety of gifts.

Are you looking for a gift that will bring laughter and humour to its receiver?  Then the Insulting Parrot is the perfect gift you are looking for.

What is the Insulting Parrot?

The Insulting Parrot is a stuffed parrot named Polly. This parrot will talk and say insulting and rude remarks once it detects motion. When you hang Polly in the kitchen or living room, he looks just like any other cute and harmless parrot. But when you activate its motion detectors, it can spew all the naughty and rude comments that will keep everyone in the family or office laughing. The Insulting Parrot comes in a bright blue and yellow fur and is perched on a plastic tree branch that you can hang anywhere.

Why is the Insulting Parrot One of the Best Kris Kringle Christmas Presents?

You’ve seen a lot of Kris Kringle Christmas presents and most of them are boring, unpredictable or safe. If you want to make a difference and give something bizarre, funny or cheeky then choose a novelty item to give. Some of the most unforgettable Kris Kringle Christmas presents are novelty items. Novelty Kris Kringle Christmas Presents are fun to give anyone that can use some humour in his/her life. Do you have an officemate who needs to loosen up a bit or an uncle or auntie who is too serious and uptight? By giving novelty items as Kris Kringle Christmas presents, you can bring joy and cheer to any household.

The Insulting Parrot is one of the best Kris Kringle Christmas Presents. It is cute, unpredictable and will give out the meanest, naughtiest and rudest remarks you can hear from a toy. All Polly needs is 2 AA batteries to start his dirty work. Polly can be in the kitchen, hallway or on your porch and will mercilessly cuss anyone who gets on his way.

Where can you Order the Insulting Parrot and Other Kris Kringle Christmas Presents?

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