Christmas Cookies Mug

Cup and Tea Infuser with Christmas Cookie Design

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This sweet Christmas mug from Australian-owned Ashdene, is perfect for the work Kris Kringle and office secret santa! Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like a beautifully decorated Christmas coffee mug.

Featuring a colourful Christmas cookie design, it will make a delightful secret santa gift for the office or club event this year.

This isn't any boring Christmas mug either - this delightful Christmas themed gift comes with its own tea diffuser, so it's a perfect gift for the

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How to Choose Great Kris Kringle Christmas Presents

The seasonal demands for secret Santa presents is in full-swing, which means office parties, corporate gift-giving, and Kris Kringle Christmas Presents for both close loved ones and not-so-well-known acquaintances. Our expansive selection of Kris Kringle gifts include this sweet Christmas mug from Ashdene, but they are often giggle-inducing, featuring laugh-out-loud jokes, party games, hilarious books, and novelty must-haves too.

Raunchy co-workers will love sharing Christmas fun and laughs over a good brew in our Toilet Coffee Mug. Or, get your best friend a book that will put old-school barbs in their insults with the Shakespeare Insult Generator, featuring over 150,000 insults in the antiquated words of the literary powerhouse himself.

Kris Kringle Christmas Gifts with Guys in Mind

Shopping for Kris Kringle gifts for guys can be daunting, especially when there are so many Christmas presents to choose from. If your guy happens to be your dad, boyfriend, husband, brother, son, or close friend, then you probably have a good idea of what to get him. However, if you are searching for the ideal Christmas presents for an acquaintance or a new friend, your best bet is sticking to the basics of what guys usually enjoy.

For example, most men would love getting obviously funny Christmas presents, like the Arse/Face Soap, the Novelty Slammer WTF Button, or the book of Insults Every Man Should Know. If you guy happens to be a barbeque king, go with gifts that stoke his proverbial fire and inflate his cooking ego, like the Barbeque Branding Iron, the convenient Barbeque Condiment Gun, or the guitar-shaped Barbeque Rock Spatula.

Kris Kringle Christmas Presents for Your Gal Pals

Like men, there seems to be a general consensus surrounding what women might like when it comes to Christmas presents. Some of our Kris Kringle gifts are raunchier than others, which means your gal pals need a good sense of humour and an all-in-good-fun attitude to cope with holiday gifts like our Novelty Insulting Parrot or the Happy Man Bottle Opener.

For closer friends and well-known loved ones, we suggest getting Kris Kringle gifts that accentuate their love for a favourite hobby, such as playing poker or interior designing. Card sharks will love our book on How to Become a Poker Queen, which goes great with a pair of Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice. Or, for ladies who love quirky dcor, the Faraway Unicorn Ring Plate would make a fantastical addition to her nightstand.

Raunchy Christmas Presents for Novelty Gift Lovers

Our raunchy Kris Kringle gifts are those that might be a bit suggestive and maybe a little explicit. For example, the Ring for Sex Bell is a must-have for quirky couples who appreciate a good laugh, as well as a chance to spice up their love lives. Another pair of Christmas presents that couples might enjoy together are the Drinking Dartboard or Shot Roulette.

Or, our book called Porn for the Working Woman might sound raunchy, but it is actually a cookbook of delicious recipes alongside enticing pictures of chocolates and scrumptious desserts. Hence porn for women!

As one of Australia's best online gift stores we take so much joy in making your christmas gifts shopping as easy as can be!