Want to gift something original? Then take a look at our Kris Kringle Gifts category, which is bursting with original gifts! From novelty lighters to funny books and party games, this category has it all. No matter who you're buying for you'll find the perfect Secret Santa gift in our range of Australia's best gift ideas.

Kris Kringle Gifts for Men and Women at Everything but Flowers!

Those of you who love silly presents over the holiday season are in for a treat, since Everything but Flowers has a lovely collection of Kris Kringle presents this year. Still, if you require some inspiration, be sure to have a look at our Christmas present ideas overview below, which includes some of our favourite Kris Kringle presents!

What Is the First Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

Our first recommendation in this Christmas present ideas overview is a suitable choice for both men and women, more specifically How to Swear Around the World.

For some reason, swear words can be incredibly hilarious, especially if they are in a different language. It also explains why How to Swear Around the World from our Christmas present ideas overview is one of the most popular Kris Kringle presents in our entire collection!

How to Swear Around the World from our Christmas present ideas overview ensures your recipient is never lost for words again. If your recipient could use some help with his or her insults, this book from our Christmas present ideas overview cannot be missing from their personal collection.

What Is the Second Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

When you look at our funny Christmas presents for men collection, you will notice that the range contains a lot of themed cups; this is no coincidence, since themed cups belong to the bestsellers among Kris Kringle presents!

In our range of Christmas presents for men, there is one cup in particular you should consider for the holiday season, more specifically the Grenade Coffee Mug. Cleverly disguised as a grenade with a pull-out pin as a handle, this explosive coffee mug from our Christmas presents for men collection is undoubtedly a conversation piece.

We must mention that customers can find more themed mugs in the Christmas presents for men collection. So, if he is in dire need of a funny mug for his office desk, check out some of the other themed mugs in our Christmas presents for men range too!

What Is the Third Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

Our next recommendation is a favourite from the good Christmas presents for women range. Unsurprisingly, the recommendation has a lot to do with drink consumption during the holidays, as our next suggestion is a set of Drunk Shot Glasses.

The Drunk Shot Glasses Set from our range of good Christmas presents for women includes four novelty shot glasses. Each of the glasses inside this set features an applicable word, complemented by a detailed explanation from the dictionary.

Everything but Flowers has a bunch of other themed shot glasses in its collection of good Christmas presents for women. We even have some shot glasses that are shaped like a skull, for those women who are following the skull trend these days. Of course, other options are also available in our good Christmas presents for women collection, so be sure to check out all the options we have this year in our good Christmas presents for women catalogue.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

Are you spending the holiday season with some of your friends, but do not have the budget to get everyone a present? Why not choose one of our Kris Kringle activities, which are bound to provide hours of fun without you having to break the bank.

There are countless activities in our Kris Kringle range that could be heaps of fun! One of them is Spin the Bottle, a classic game everyone is familiar with. Of course, since this is a Spin the Bottle game for the holiday season, you can expect some festive twists and turns along the way.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

While there are many useless Kris Kringle presents out there, Everything but Flowers is dedicated to providing its customers with functional Kris Kringle presents. Yes, they are still hilarious, but your recipient will always get something useful at the end of it.

A prime example of how our Kris Kringle presents can be functional can be found with our Urban Greens Groovy Greens Grow Kit. Inside this grow kit, your recipient will find all the basics he or she needs for a mini garden inside his or her home. Even though the delicious yield of this kit cannot be enjoyed immediately, it is something that will keep your recipient entertained for months to come. How is that for efficiency?

What Is the Sixth Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers even offer some funny cookbooks in its range of Christmas presents this year; this includes Baking Bad, a cookbook based on the hit television series Breaking Bad. If you know someone who is a big fan of these series, you simply cannot pass on this Kris Kringle gift.

Baking Bad may be based on the television series, it still contains some marvellous recipes that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It includes recipes for Ricin Crispy Treats, Apple & Banana Hank-Cakes, and Chocolate Gustavo Fingers. Yes, they may be all references to the Breaking Bad television series, it does not make them any less delicious.

What Is the Seventh Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

Our range of Kris Kringle presents also includes some functional presents for the barbecue, perfect for those recipients who cannot say no against a good barbecue with family and friends.

One of our Kris Kringle barbecue tools is the BBQ Branding Iron. By the name of this product alone, you would never guess it is a Kris Kringle gift. However, once you take a closer look at the features of this branding iron, it immediately becomes clear why this is one of the most popular choices in our Christmas range.

The BBQ Branding Iron from our Christmas presents collection enables your recipient to brand steaks with customised messages and words. The Branding Iron comes with all the letters of the alphabet and spaces, so your recipient can create some funny messages for all his barbecue meats. Of course, the use of this remarkable branding iron is not just limited to the holiday season, since every barbecue could use a little light fun with some customised messages.

What Is the Eighth Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

Drinking games are usually the perfect Kris Kringle presents, especially when you are on a budget and you want to make sure you make all your friends happy during the holidays. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable drinking games at Everything but Flowers to take advantage of.

One of our affordable drinking games this holiday season is Beer Pong. The classic drinking game, which is extremely popular with students across the world, comes with twenty-four plastic cups and three plastic balls. All the essentials you require to get a game of beer pong started.

To play Beer Pong, you fill the plastic cups with some beer, or another beverage of your choice this holiday season. Then, you must bounce the ball into the cup from a certain distance. When the ball bounces into the cup, the player must consume it. In short, a drinking game that will get the party started during the festive season.

What Is the Ninth Recommended Kris Kringle Present from Everything but Flowers?

As we mentioned earlier, some of our Kris Kringle presents are extremely functional; this is also the case for the next recommendation in this overview: The Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer.

The Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer from Giftworks does all the hard work that accompanies cocktail or drink-making during the holiday season. While it is fun to come up with some new concoctions, the actual shaking of your new beverage can demand some energy. Fortunately, this is not a problem you have to worry about with this mixer from Giftworks.

As the name suggests, the Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixer will mix those delicious cocktails for you. The cocktail mixer works is battery-powered and can take a reasonable capacity of 530 ml. So, with the holiday season around the corner, you may want to consider obtaining one of these amazing Self-Shaking Cocktail Mixers for yourself. With it, you can save some energy during the holidays, but still serve the best cocktails to your guests. What is not to like?

Where Can I Find More Unique Kris Kringle Presents for This Festive Season?

Customers can find an entire Kris Kringle section on our website. To find our catalogue with Kris Kringle presents, simply head over to the “occasions” tab and click on “Christmas”. Once you are on the Christmas page, you can select Kris Kringle from the subcategory overview.

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