African Wildlife Puzzle, 208pc

90% Recycled, Featuring Amazing Imagery

Sold Out


Give the gift of an African wildlife tour thanks to the fun experts eeBoo who have created this stunning 208 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring brilliant imagery and an educational legend so children can identify the animals and learn as they re-construct the image.

Manufactured from 90% recycled greyboard, not only will kids love this puzzle but the environment will be grateful too. This puzzle is perfect for children aged 8+.

Eeboo products are about simple, yet exciting toys for children that are kind to the environment too which is why theyre one of our favourites here at Everything but Flowers. This puzzle measures 45.7 x 60.9cm when complete, and comes packaged in a beautiful box measuring 30 x 22.8cm featuring the completed puzzle picture to help identify what the finished picture should look like.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Looking for Kids Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers?

What kid doesnt love animals? Children of all ages love soft, furry puppies and kittens. They also love anything that slithers, hops, chirps, or swims. But there are children who just cant get enough of the worlds different creatures. Some of them may draw horses on all their school notebooks. Some of them my squeal with delight when they see a squirrel. And thats how you know that these children are animal lovers.

Without committing to the responsibility of a pet, you can find great kids' Christmas gifts for children who love animals. In fact, Everything But Flowers has a wide variety of animal-based gifts, perfect for the young animal lover in your family. One of our favourites this year is the Wildlife of Africa 208pc Puzzle from eeBoo. Not only is this Wildlife of Africa puzzle made from environmentally friendly materials; it features beautiful bright imagery that is sure to keep kids entertained this Christmas.

Kid's Christmas Gifts that Bring the Zoo Inside

You may not have room in your house for a monkey or hippo, but dont let that stop you from trying! If your child has a favourite from the animal kingdom, a stuffed animal is a classic gift choice. Everything But Flowers has monkeys, hippos, bears, bunnies, and more! Just take a look around and youll find the right kids' Christmas gifts.

In addition to our selection of stuffed animals, we have some wonderful animal-based accessories. For the younger child, a small tiger backpack will be the perfect addition to their next adventure! And if youre going to the beach, dont forget to bring the Whale Beach Kit or the Whale Frisbee. For children that love a challenge; the Wildlife of Africa 208pc Puzzle from eeBoo is going to bring a smile to their faces and joy to their lives once they finish it.

Kid's Christmas Gifts For Animal Lovers who like to read

If your childs bed is already covered in stuffed animals, you may still be on the lookout for great kids' Christmas gifts. After all, there are only so many plush lions you can give to your child! A book of animal photography may be more to your liking. Everything But Flowers offers several wonderful, and often adorable, photography books featuring a wide variety of animals.

During this holiday season, you dont have to look any further for kids' Christmas gifts. For the child that loves nature and all of the creatures in it, we recommend 50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year: How Wildlife Photography Became Art. This gorgeous book is filled with 200 photos that will please any animal lover. This book also does double-duty for children interested in photography.

Or perhaps your child enjoys being more active?

If your child has grown out of stuffed animals and prefers to participate in activities rather than sit down and read, we have some great kids' Christmas gifts for them too. Our wildlife puzzles provide a fun activity, while also showcasing some of the worlds most interesting animals and marine life.

And though you may not want to add an additional, furry family member to the house, you might be able to make a little room for a small slimy pet. Give your animal-loving kid Snail World from Wild Science.

So whether they receive the Wildlife of Africa 208pc Puzzle from eeBoo from you or one of our other perfect Christmas presents for kids we know you'll find the perfect present all year round at Everything but Flowers. We're one of Australia's largest online gift stores; proudly based in Sydney with all our stock in store and ready to send direct.