Arctic Wildlife Puzzle, 208pc

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This wonderful gift for kids is all about wildlife, nature and eco-friendly fun, which is why we love it so much.

Introducing the Arctic Wildlife puzzle from the children’s toy experts at eeBoo. We know kids will love being taken on an arctic adventure to discover the unique wildlife of the region, and thanks to the included legend they’ll be able to identify each animal by name too.

This puzzle is recommended for children aged 8+, and comes with 208 sturdy pieces that measure 45.7cm x 60.9cm when complete. Printed with natural soy-based inks and manufactured with 90% recycled grey board, this puzzle is kid friendly and earth friendly too.

A perfect choice for Christmas presents for kids, or birthday present, this is going to be a puzzle they take joy in over and over again.

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Eeboo Arctic Wildlife Puzzle

Christmastime is often referred to as the holiday for the children. This is because the kids appreciate the merriment more than the older ones. As early as January, a month after Christmas, the kids would get excited about the gift they will receive for the next Christmas. Because of this genuine enthusiasm, children are amazing recipients. As a giver, it is a good idea to prepare and plan your Christmas presents for kids ahead of time. Doing so will allow you to choose the best Christmas presents for kids and make you their favourite person come Christmas day.
What Makes Amazing Christmas Presents for Kids?

Giving Christmas presents for kids is a wonderful opportunity to impact their life. Although gifts may seem insignificant, they have the power to influence children’s behaviour. In the world of gift-giving, the best Christmas presents for kids are those that can capture their interest and help them develop a skill or two.
Toys will always be the top choice for kids since they are in the stage of their life where all they want to do is play. Fortunately, adults can still give toys as Christmas presents for kids without losing the opportunity of skill development. There are various toys in the market today that offer both fun and learning. One example of which is the Eeboo Arctic Wildlife Puzzle.
What is the Eeboo Arctic Wildlife Puzzle?

The Eebo Arctic Wildlife Puzzle is one of the bestsellers in our Christmas presents for kids range. Children will enjoy playing with this puzzle as it features the animals that live in the Arctic. It is particularly recommended for children aged eight years old and above. From penguins to polar bears, putting together the pieces will be an adventure to the Arctic.
Jigsaw puzzles provide good exercise for the brain. When kids play with them, their logical skills are enhanced. In addition, this puzzle will teach them the names of the creatures in the picture and introduce them to the Arctic ecosystem. By exposing young kids to animals and the environment, you are indirectly instilling in them the importance of these living organisms, hence, giving them environmental awareness.
The puzzle is composed of 208 pieces that are made from recycled grey board and printed with organic soy-based inks. Because of its materials, this puzzle is definitely good for kids and for the environment too. With this puzzle, you will surely put Santa Claus on the sidelines.
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