Washable Body Doodlers Set of 6

Non-toxic, Long Lasting, Washable Fun

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Give a gift that helps kids discover their inner artist. With this bright set of 6 body doodlers from International arrivals the kids can turn themselves or their friends into a pirate, a tiger, a butterfly, or maybe even batman. The best part is that they can easily wash their designs off and start over again for non-stop fun.

Formulated to write on skin, these non-toxic body crayons offer a comfort grip, suitable to children, are easy to wash off skin and clothes, and thanks to the wind-up design the gel crayons are long lasting and won’t dry out.

Featuring green, blue, yellow, red, white and black there’s enough colour choice for any design they can imagine, and they’ll love the vibrancy. These make the perfect Christmas presents for kids who love to dressing up, or imaginative play. Also a great idea for kids parties and special events.

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Washable Body Doodlers

Children are highly energetic beings. They continuously seek ways to spend their energy and express themselves. Among the two activities that children love to do the most are: to create art and attend parties. If a child becomes bored during the day, all you have to do is give them a box of crayons and a piece of paper, and they will happily go back to their place to release the artist within them.

The same thing is true for attending parties! Just make sure that the part is packed with fun games and prizes, and you will never have to worry about the child getting bored for a good number of hours. Isn’t it a great idea if these two activities can be done at the same time?

This is why the Washable Body Doodlers were created! Give this fabulous item as your next presents for kids so that they can use their artistic skills in preparing for the next party that they will be attending. Place your orders and have them delivered by Everything But Flowers!

What are Washable Body Doodlers?

The Washable Body Doodlers were created by International Arrivals, one of the leading producers of art supplies in the world. These are presents for kids that will help them unleash their creative juices and will help them express themselves. What is great about this product is that their canvas will not be an ordinary paper, but their body and their friends!

The kit features the colours blue, red, yellow, green, white, and black. These are great colour choices that they can use to create any design that they can think of. The vibrant shade of the gel crayons will surely excite the kids. They can use it to dress up and create costumes for imaginative play. This is a great tool especially if they are planning to attend a Halloween or costume party!

Why are the Washable Body Doodlers Great Presents for Kids?

Art is considered as one of the important building blocks in the development of a child. It helps mould several skills. For instance, the actions used to create art, such as grasping a paintbrush or doodling with a crayon, help promote the refinement of motor skills in children.

The National Institute of Health says that a child should be able to draw a circle and utilise safety scissors by the time he reaches the age of 3. Another aspect developed by art is language development. Creating art or just by talking about it provides a venue for studying words used for colours and shapes. Art will also help them develop critical thinking skills that they may need in problem-solving. When kids express themselves through the art that they create, a sense of innovation is instilled in them which will be quite useful when they grow up. The world needs people who can come up with innovative solutions to the pressing problems of the world today. 

With the huge impact of art to the development of a child given above, giving presents for kids like the Washable Body Doodlers is a great way for them to reach their full potential and become adults that can contribute to the world in the future. With the incredible set of six body doodlers by International Arrivals, children can transform themselves or their peers into any creature that they can imagine: from pirates, butterflies, ninjas or tigers, as long as their minds can conceive it, they can fully express it using the Washable Body Doodlers.

The best feature of these incredible presents for kids is that the designs that they make can be easily removed using water so that they can create another artwork. This will surely create hours of fun and bonding with their peers, thereby improving their social skills as they conceptualise the theme of the artwork that they will create together.

The Washable Body Doodlers was created to be able to write on skin. The ingredients used in the formulation are guaranteed to be non-toxic. The size and body of the crayons ensure that the children will be able to hold them comfortably so that they can create their designs for as long as they want. They are easily washed off the skin and clothes so that parents and guardians won’t be stressed out too much tidying them up after all the fun they shared. The wind-up design of the Washable Body Doodlers will ensure that these incredible art materials are long lasting and will not dry out immediately.

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Parents and guardians should make it a priority to expose their children to different activities that will mould their children into great individuals. This includes learning to appreciate and make art. We have made it a part of our mission to be able to assist the parents and guardians in fulfilling their huge responsibility of guiding their children as they grow up by offering presents for kids like the Washable Body Doodlers. They were formulated using only high quality ingredients that are guaranteed not to cause any harm to your child. If you are looking for other presents for kids to give to your children, we have other great choices available at Everything But Flowers!

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